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Hey gang,

Got a Pentax *istDL and I adore it.....

I was going to use my Canon SD10 as a secondary/go everywhere camera, but my sis dripped it, and the lens got stuck. Got error E18. Opened iot to fix byt it was to no avail. And canon quopted 150 bucks to repair

So I'm looking for a slim/portable p&s

Here are the requirements:

-Small and light
-Decently rugged (won't fall apart during everyday use)
-At least 3MP
-Preferably some optical zoom

Other perks: AA batteries and SD memory, though anuthing else wouldn't be an issue really

I would like to avoid Canon as I was extremely disappointed by the durability.... The camera fell off a desk onto a thick carpet and that's all it took to kill it dead!

Thanks a lot for your input! I will pursue the myriad threads on here in paralel but as of yet i have not found any references to autofocus speed and accuracy, esp. in lowlight conditions
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Good image quality, small, durable, and cheap. Pick 2

Try the Fuji F30. It's great in low light, becuase it has higher sensitivity than anything else available; it's ISO 400 quality is as good as ISO 200 on any other compact; which basically means it collects the same amount of light in half the time. Generally the auto focus has gotten good reviews for being quick, though it does struggle with long distances in very low light. And if you really want cheap, wait a few weeks until the F20 is released; it's pretty much the same camera, but with less manual control and a merely average battery, and lists for about 100 less, and will probably sell for around $250. It uses XD memory, but it is coming down in price - you can get 512mb cards now for around $30 and 1GB cards around $40. Also uses a rechargeable battery.

The Sony cybershot W50 is a very good buy right now, compact, very nice performer. I'm not sure about the auto focus. It also has it's own memory format - "memory stick". But worth a look.

I believe both Kodak and Panasonic models have both done well with autofocus, and some of the Kodaks are unusually good a preventing red eye as well. Check out the Kodak Easyshare V550 and V570. Small, thin, well built, easy to operate, good auto focus, use SD cards, but lithium Ion rechargeable batteries.

The Panasonics also use SD cards, and they're known for their optical stabilization feature which prevents some of the blur caused by an unsteady hand. The FX01 is a very good value, and small, And the TZ1 model, while a bit bigger, is still very small for a 10x zoom. And the LZ3 and LZ5 models are also good buys and use AA style batteries, but I son't think they're as small as you want.

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