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Well lets handle things one at a time, Tinkerbell-

Sending photos via e-mail:

Your problem is that the file size of the photos from your Disney trip is too large. The politically correct file size to use when sending photos via e-mail is 480 X 640 pixels. That way they will load faster, down load faster, and can be displayed on a computer screen. The easiest way to reduce the size of your photos is to use a simple photo editing program. There are even free photo editing programs available on the internet,such as Kodak Easy Share, Gimp, Fast Stone and Photo Filtre. Just google the name and do the download.

Because 50% of your photos are taken using flash, keep in mind that your camera's built in flash only has a range of 10 to 12 feet. Photos taken farther than 10 to 12 feet from the camera will be under exposed and very dark. So you will have to keep your subjects within flash range. You cannot take telephoto photos at 30 feetusing the camera's built in flash and expect to get a good photo. It just will NOT happen.

To take a good, sharpphoto your camera has to be perfectly motionless. IS cannot do anything for a camera in motion. IS only helps if you waver a small amount or jerk slightly while taking the photo, especially when you are at or near full zoom. IS is not a silver bullet.

So your prerequistites are IS and 12X optical zoom. That is fine, just keep in mind that will limit the number you have to consider.Since you purchased and returned a Kodak P-850, I will assume that the approximate budget range.

You will find that the Canon S-2, the Sony H-1, and the Panasonic FZ-5 are all capable cameras within roughly the same price range. They are becoming cheaper due the introduction of newer cameras such as: the Canon S-3, the Sony H-2 or H-5, and the Panasonic TZ-1, and the FZ-7, which because they are brand new will sell at or very near their MSRP prices. So focus on that group because they all have 12X optical zoom (except the TZ-1 which has 10X)and IS.


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