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dudesky Jul 26, 2006 1:34 AM

Ok, i have read what seems like 100 reviews on different cameras, and I think I have narrowed it down to these three.

I want an ultra-portable camera. The manual features do not matter to meat at all, as all I do is point and shoot, I dont like adjusting any of the controls, other than flash.

I currently have an SD450, and I want a camera with anti-shake. I just cant seem to take great photos with this camera, and after trying my friends antishake, I was VERY impressed.

The reason I am looking at the Casio Exlim EX-Z60, [/b]is because it is much cheaper than the other ones, at only 200. The Sony and Canon would be about 400, so I want to make sure it is worth it. The reviews on the Casio have been mixed, Cnet gave it a poor photo rating, however Steve's gave it much higher, and Amazon gave it mostly higher reviews as well.

I have 2gb of SD card, so the Sony would not be ideal, however memory is so cheap that I do not want to make that the deciding factor. Is there any camera on my list that I should absolutely eliminate? Also, the photo software does not matter, as I will be using iPhoto.

Please help an amateur(very) photographer. Thanks!

KALEL33 Jul 27, 2006 1:41 AM

The Z60 does not have image stabilization. It kicks up the ISO for faster shutter speeds. The review of these high ISO settings have referred to them as looking like the water color filter on photoshop. Subcompacts are just like laptops....if their cheap then the performance and quality are probably also cheap. The Fuji f30 seems to be the only one to do high ISOs well for a small camera. If you want that in the canon then you have to get the sd700.

pourquoi Jul 27, 2006 2:50 AM

Sony DSC-T30:cool:

dudesky Jul 27, 2006 2:58 AM

I went to look at the cameras today at Target. The only one they had was the Casio, and I was NOT impressed. The picture quality was just not that great overall, and the antishake did not seem to work all that well at all. I will go and look at the Sony and Canon, and look at the DSC-t30 as well. Are there any cameras around the 250-300 range that would compare? I was thinking about the Canon sd630, but no antishake.

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