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I've narrowed down my next camera to two choices
Canon SD1100 or Casio EX-S10. they're both similarly priced, similar features, etc.
only real differences i've been able to notice is the Canon has image stabilization while the casio does not. The casio is 10mp while the canon is 8 mp.

can anyone shed some light on either of these two?

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Image stabilization is a great feature for some of us, especially in low light conditions when a slow shutter speed becomes common place.

8 megapixel versus 10 is not an issue. There is no way that you can tell the difference between 8 and 10 under normal conditions.

I would get theCanon, it isa good camera, and has a shorter minimum focus distance than the Casio. You could find a different feature and justify the Casio the same way.
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Thanks for the reply. really its a toss up for me. if the casio had the image stabilization, i'd be all over it. however, none of the cameras i've owned have ever had image stabilization so i'm not really sure i'll miss it.

most of the pics i'll be taking are of my kids, usually indoors or at a playground or something.

some of the other difference i've noticed... canon can use the SDHC memory cards while the casio is SD only. movie's are recorded in different formats, Canon is .avi and the casio is .mov. I prefer the .avi.

i think what i'll have to do is take the wife with me to the store and see which she prefers. i'll also play with the menus and what not, maybe 1 is more intuitive than the other. i dunno, for some reason the casio felt really substantial, more natural in the hand while the canon almost felt like a toy.

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