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disneyguy Aug 20, 2010 2:27 AM

Thank you all for all the information you provided me with, I went to B and H today and got the e-pl1, I hope I made a good decision although I am having a little doubt. Anyways should I purchase a uv filter/protective filter for the lens?

shoturtle Aug 20, 2010 2:35 AM

No on the filter protector, but I would get a haze 1 filter. It does cut haze and is useful. Congrats on the camera.

What are your doubts about the epl-1?

shoturtle Aug 20, 2010 2:51 AM


You may want to check out the olympus m4/3 section. There is a collection of useful info that is posted there.

disneyguy Aug 20, 2010 2:56 AM

Thanks, I was just thinking maybe I should have gone with the pentax k-x? I think it's the lack of the e-pl1 not including a view finder that's bothering me, I don't know, maybe I just need some more time to fool around with the e-pl1.

shoturtle Aug 20, 2010 3:11 AM

with the kit lens the epl-1 is very easy to use with the lcd. It is when you move into longer lenses that the vf2 really comes into play. It is hands down the best electronic viewfinder on the market include external and internal ones form all cameras. If you ask anyone that has used the vf2, they will tell you it is just a fastastic add on.

But one of the big thing you said you want to do is HD. And honestly, I shoot the k-x and the t1i, and they are just not that good for HD video. And the pentax is okay for hd, but no where as good as the olympus, and even behind the canon at 720p. You really can not shoot hd well with a dslr, as you need to use the lcd. And if you went the route of the vf2, you can shoot HD with the camera to your eye.

Now HD was not one of the big things you mention. The pentax would be more favorable. But it is still a larger system, so it is not as good to travel with. My wife flies over 200k miles a year. And the epl1 is so much easier to travel with then the canon. She loves shooting the canon before we got the epl1. But because of the added size. She did not take it with her allot. The epl1 on the other hand, I do not get to use as often as she always has it.

If you were a very low light shooter, or action shoot. The kx would be the better tool.

But noise and image quality wise, the epl1 is a match for the kx from 100-1600iso. Which is where you want to shoot at for general photography. It give the be iq and least noise. The sensor is better in these range then the new sony apsc sensor that will be in the nikon d3100 the new sony dslr and most likely the new pentax.

But BH has a good return policy if you still unsure about it. But if you have any question, feel free to PM me.

Just one suggestion if you shoot in P or the manual modes Ienhance picture style is awesome

disneyguy Aug 21, 2010 1:34 PM

So I played with the epl1 a little more, the pictures look great but I still am thinking to go return it and get the pentax k-x, I think the main reason I am not so happy is because the k-x was a lot faster at auto focusing and it has a built in view finder. I mean I like the epl1 art modes and stuff since I don't do photo editing really (I edit video mostly). The size difference didn't really bother me since the pentax k-x was quite small for a dslr. It's just getting me all confused because I don't know what to do, I am leaving on vacation in 2 days.

shoturtle Aug 21, 2010 1:46 PM

If you are going for the video, I will be honest, the epl1 is the better choice. You will not be happy with the k-x's HD and focus for HD. In HD mode the K-x has very slow focus. Allot slower then the epl-1.

Also have you check the firmware of the epl-1. If it is not at 1.1 update it, it get a faster.

disneyguy Aug 22, 2010 9:15 AM

Let me ask this, lets ignore video as a priority. Between the k-x and the e-pl1 which will produce the greater quality image?

shoturtle Aug 22, 2010 3:48 PM

They are honestly about the same. I have shot them both. And they are so close in image quality in RAW. But in Jpeg the EPL-1 is just better. Here is a link of the epl-1 against my T1i, And the epl-1 just as good. Also, the epl-1 correct for lens short comings, at higher iso, the k-x has a green fringe on lighting, while the epl-1 corrects it out. It is above the 1600iso that the k-x takes the lead and in action shooting.

interested_observer Aug 22, 2010 4:06 PM

Overall, there is no perfect camera. Each model has shortcomings. What you try to do is to accentuate the positives while minimizing the negatives. Photography is an exercise in compromising.

There will always be a better camera the does something better - then it becomes the endless equipment chase. What you as the photographer need to do, is to learn / understand your equipment, understand the situation that you are going to photograph, and then create a situation where you are able to get the shot (or video) that you want, while setting the camera up in such a way or advantageous position so that it is able to capture it for you.

Will it always work. No, but you can usually get close (i.e., the 70% solution), and along the way, you will take images (or videos) that you were not expecting.

It all comes down to working with the light.....


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