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ftlosm Aug 19, 2006 12:08 AM

We are a point and shoot family and have a canon powershot A40 but find it gets left in the hotel room on vacation more than being brought with us mainly due tosize and weight.

Wife is taking our daughter in October to Disney and the camera issue came up tonight, she wants one of those small light tiny cameras so she can carry it with her yet still not have a heavy thick camera like the powershot a40.

This will be a vacation only camera for her front zipper pocket while running around theme parks, so I don't want to spend a ton on this incase it gets broken- I would like to stay under$150 if I can but sure dont mind a older model on clearance with less features than todays top of line model.

Iwould like to find her something small light decent pic taking ability point and shoot that will take a decent picture enough to print out a 4x6 lets I am guessing 2 megapixel range? Mostly tho the ligher smaller cheaper it is the better since it has to be portable for vacation, maybe rugged too?

Anyone got a suggestion or two of what to possibly look for? I don't need all the bells and whistles, actually the easier to use the better, just lookin for TINY LIGHT and easy to use and that takes a decent enough pic that we want to keep it to disc or email to grandma etc....

Thank you for any suggestions.


kenbalbari Aug 19, 2006 1:29 AM

Well, my two favorite current model budget ultra compacts would be the Sony DSC-W30 and the Kodak EasyShare V530. The W30 is a 6MP model with very good image quality, nice overall features, performance and design, and easy to use. The V530 is a 5MP model that is very easy to use, good image quality, and does a good job preventing red eye as well.

Both of the above are under an inch think, and have bodies that weigh about 4.5 ounces (under 7 ounces with battery and memory card). Both are available for around $200-$220.

And if you don't mind just a bit larger (1.2 inches thick), there's a brand new Sony Cybershot DSC-S500 which just came out this month, which looks interesting for about $180.

If you want to keep it under $150, you might find something in looking at older models, models on clearance, factory refurbished models, etc. But those are a couple of good ones to look at if you want an idea of what's available in current models.

ftlosm Aug 19, 2006 1:42 AM

actually I know the kodak v series a bit, we were looking at the v570the other daybecause it did these really wide angle shots and was pretty small, my wife sells homes -so shes always taking inside pics of rooms. We thought that v570's ability to take those wider aspect type shots made it very tempting for her work and it would fit in her purse easier than the a40.

I am not limited budget wise Ijust thought spend less on this since I KNOW it is gonna get tossed around, thrown in zipper pocket and bounced around on rollercoasters and such...

I will look up some pics and info on that model and might try to see it in person at circuit city or somewhere this weekend to see if it will work for her.

Thanks for the input

Bill :)

ftlosm Aug 19, 2006 2:06 AM

Ok just spent a bit of time on the Kodak site seems there are 2 cameras there that might fit the bill for her home pics as well as being light and small enough for vacation.

The V570 and the V705

I am a bit confused here tho as to what the real difference between these two cameras is besides the megapixel difference they look very similar other feature wise.

Are there any other small light cameras that will do this ultra wide angle like the V570 and V705? The kodak site says the V705 will be out in sept so thats early enough for me to get one before they go in October...

kenbalbari Aug 22, 2006 6:32 AM


Are there any other small light cameras that will do this ultra wide angle like the V570 and V705?
You should also look at the Panisonic Lumix DMC-FX01. It has a 28mm-102mm zoom. It has optical image stabilization. And the battery lasts twice as long as the V570.

As for the V750, it looks like it's just a 7MP version of the V570. And, it looks like it actually has a lower list price. I suspect that means that if you wait a bit you might see prices drop a bit on the V570.

ftlosm Aug 22, 2006 9:52 AM

That Panasonic looks VERY similar and can even get it in PINK for the wife :)

I have been looking around a bit on it and seems to have decent reviews and would most likely meet her needs and i know battery life is important to her (*** anyone know how many average pics i can get out of the v705 as comparison?) so maybe the pana would be a better choice overall if their battery pack does hold more charge.

One thing i cant seem to find online thru pana site,(*** doesthe lens has any sort of protection/coverwhen camera is shut off), on the kodak when you turn it off a door closes over the lens protecting it, i know she likes that feature alot because she sticks her camera in her pocket or purse alot, i cant find a picture of the fx01 in the off mode lens retracted to see if it does have any sort of protection when turned off... anyone here know? I did sumbit a question online to pana will see if they reply or not i guess.

Best price i saw on this was buydig at 255 that aint bad at all.. and I got my gps thru them no problems so would assume their cameras are ok too...

Thanks for all the help and suggestions and if anyone knows about that lens protection issue on the pana please let me know.

bobbyz Aug 22, 2006 10:21 AM

I am also a panasonic FX01 user. Bought it for the wife and we take it along with my dSLR to get snap shots. Really like the outdoor shots from it. The 28mm lens is very nice. The lens is protected when not in use. The IS does come handy.

WookieeGunner Aug 22, 2006 7:47 PM

If you are waiting till October, you might look at the Panasonic DMC-FX07. It's suppose to be out in September, has a 28mm lens like the FX01, but it goes to ISO1250 and has a "High ISO" mode that is supposed to do ISO1600 and ISO3200.

ftlosm Aug 22, 2006 9:25 PM

This is gonna sound dumb and we could wait till sept if i had to but she wants one yesterday (this is her busy season, she sells homes) and she wants pink, i see the fx01 comes in pink but didnt see a preorder for pink fx07 (or am i wrong)...

Silly I know but once she saw that pink v507 from kodak then the fx01 from pana shes been stuck on pink... and given she wants it yesterday and wants the wide lens feature (80% of her pics taken on this are work related of insides of homes and get reduced for the web anyways) the fx01 will be fine im sure and give her that pink cam she wants, in hand by end of week depending on shipping, and give her that wide angle lens she wants.

Thanks to everyone here who has helped me (and over in the panasonic forums) answering questions on the panasonics vs kodaks and offering sample shots and reviews etc etc.

Will be looking up the best price from a reputable dealer (not some call to verify and upsell place) and ordreing up a fx01 pink for her in the next day or two here.

I bought a GPS thru and everything was fast smooth fine, was looking at using them anyone with experience on thier camera sales? If you can't use vendor names in posts please PM me on your reply.

Bill :)

bobbyz Aug 23, 2006 10:15 AM

I have bought lots of stuff from buydig. No problems. Other that I have usedis B&H.

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