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Well I give up, got her the FX01 charged it up showed her how to use in basic mode, let her go at it taking some pics of a new house and when she saw the images she was not happy, the camera is nice (fx01) small light pretty, is a wider angle than the canon a40 she had and 1/2 the size and weight too, but the wide angle of it isn't as wide as the kodak v570 or kodak v705 - so basically the wide angle doesn't look much wider than the canons wide angle shots.

So now I have to see what buydig will charge me for returning it and preorder that v570 for her from kodak i guess.

I didn't look super hard at the specs, figured the wide angle lens thing was the same on both but then realized after we got the fx01 and saw the pics they aren't much wider (not wide like the v570 took).....so shes dissapointed.

Might keep the fx01 for vacation camera, I like the macro and video on it,and just order the kodak v705 for her work, just frustrating.

If anyone wants a like new fx01 in pink and or lives in Mid Michigan lmk, ill sell it for less than what I just paid, cuz it will most likely be a hassle and restock fee to return.

Who knew (not me at least) the difference of a picture at 23mm (kodak v570 & v705)vs 28mm (Panasonic FX01) would be so different.


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