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Hardlydangerous Nov 22, 2006 9:48 PM

Boy am I stuck
I'm looking to buy a new camera but can't decide what I need or want.

First off, I'm 31 and Idon't know much about photography, cameras or associated equipment BUT I love taking pictures and want to learn and start getting into it a bit more. Holding me back right now is the fact that Ihave two VERY crappy, no name cheapy dodigital cameras now, a 1.3mp and 3.2mp. Even their best pics are poor quality.

I have been looking for the right camera for over a year now and still can't decide.
I have pretty much narrowed the brand down to CANON or Nikon mostly because of the quality and pricesI have seen and heard of.But I don't knowwhat I need as a beginner that wants to get a great camera that can be used for basically everything like sports, cars/bikes, night time shots of city/town lights,family events/parties, landsacpes, close ups of bugs, lakes and rivers,sunsets, etc

The three cameras I'm looking at right now arethe

Canon powershot A640
Canon powershot S3 IS
Canon EOS Rebel XT

The Rebel is kinda out of my price range however once in a while an deal can be found on ebay that's within' my price range.( $300-$400)

As abeginner I'm thinking the SLR Rebel is getting in overmy head and A point and shoot is my better choise...

So that leaves me with the A640 and S3 IS
What camera is the better camera for everything? Should I go with the 6mp super zoom S3 IS or the higher 10mp A640. The size of the camera is not important, i'm just looking for a good camera that takes vibrant clear pics with good detail.
Part of me says I should go with the higher MP A640 for better pic quality, but the other part of me says go with the super zoom S3 IS...

Any help would be greatly appreciated

2020nc Nov 22, 2006 10:19 PM

i dont know about the a640 ..but i do have a630 here . which is a 8meg.--- the users guide covers both . if you have any questions .. i am also looking into the s3 .. but i cant tell if it has a wired remote which i need ?? ps i have some great shots from the 630

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