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Please help me. My faithful Canon SD400 gave me the dreaded E18 error after 3 years of treating it like one of my own children!! I now need a new camera just days before travelling across country with my daughter.

After reading endlessly and talking to many salesmen, I 'think' I have narrowed it down to the Canon A630 or the Sony Cyber Shot H1. I realize that they're 2 different cameras, but I have quite the diverse life. While I love being a mom and taking action shots that needs an adequate shutter response time, I am also a jewelry designer that needs to take pics close to color.

Any suggestions to help me decide please. My concerns are the Canon E18 problems but Canons otherwise have shown a good choice. They Sony looks good and I like the close to SLR abilities, but it looks as if the flash is slow and the shutter wouldn't be good for soccer, running etc.

SoccerMom in need of purchasing a camera fast !!!

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I bought a Canon A610 last December and I like it alot. It is very fast and the pics come out great plus it has excellent battery life.. I suggest you read Steve's reviews as he took all the guesswork out making an informed decision.

Good Luck,
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Thanks for your reply. I actually have read his reviews. Awesome info. I think what I'm asking for is people's actual experience pros/cons with using the cameras. As good as some salesmen are, they are actually just that!!

Thanks again

(PS, I'm from Mass too - northeastern)

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If only Fuji's S6500 would have been available...
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I am a senior woman who had the H1 for 6 months ...Unfortunately it got dumped in water and is now unrepairable and sony won't give me any breaks on a replacement ... try talking to someone in thailand, or somewhere like that ... nevertheless, I used it for dog sports and although it wasn't the fastest lens, did give me great pictures ...the 10 x's zoom is great ; and the video was also very good... I wish I still had mine ... I would consider buying the H5 :|
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