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Default help, just bought the ZS3 and can't see the LCD screen in sunlight

I've never had a camera without a viewfinder before. I got the Panasonic ZS3 today and in certain angles of sunlight all I see is my own reflection. Holding my hand over the LCD makes no difference, so I doubt those little screen shades will work. I'm stunned. Please tell me this isn't just the way they are? I can't use this camera outdoors in sunlight like that, and I shoot mostly outdoors in sunlight. Am I doing something wrong, is this a problem with the ZS3 and are there any cameras in the class (ZS7, Canon 210, etc, that don't have this problem?) This is supposed to be a travel camera for outdoors photography, surely there is some camera in this class that you can actually use in sunlight.
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Check the Menus in Normal Program. There're a couple of LCD settings to increase the brillance.
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I wear a cap and glasses. when it's really bright i bring the camera under the brim and look over my glasses. looks funny to others but works for me.
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Also, I've read that a number of people have purhased Boxwave antiglare (boxwave.com) screen protectors which they say makes it easier to see the screen on the ZS3 in very bright light. I have one for my FZ35 and it seems to work ok, but I think it does seem to make the screen a little grainy and I tend to use the view finder anyway. Some people seem to really like them for the ZS3, though.
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