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Hi Guys,

I'm currently looking at buying either a KM 5d, Canon 350d, or a Nikon D50. The specs are all much the same to a novice like me, but the KM5d anti-shake looks good in that I do like to do some photography without flash.

Here's the problem, I've read the reviews but i don't know much about using Studio flash. I understand that you need either a hotshoe to PC adapter, or you need to trigger the flash units using your own flash.

Which camera would be best for that purpose? I've read specs that the KM 5d has a 1/125 sync whereas the Nikon D50 has a 1/500 sync speed. What does that all mean??

Please. please help me as I'm desperate to buy one so that I can do some nice portraits of my daughter.

Thanks in advance
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I am just a newbie as far as studio shooting is concerned. Only 2 model shoots for my class. You hook up a adapter in your flash shoe which will sync the modeling lights. One thing I did notice was that if I increased my shutter speed to 1/350sec, I wasn't getting good flash coverage, so teacher told me to keep it at 1/250 or below as the lights he was using don't go higher than that.

When shooting with flash you don't need fast aperture and IS won't help much. I will suggest just buy fast prime (50mm, 85mm f1.8) for non-flash stuff.

Camera wise buy which suits you. They are all nice. I like low light from canon.
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