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HELP PLEASE! I ahve been trying to make up my mind for about a month now and am still stuck! Im am trying to choose between the above cameras but cannot make up my mind.

The T7 is the newer version of the T11, but i think its just too small, and as a right-handed, i think using the button on the left side of the camera is a little odd.

Now for the Pentax cameras, the only difference i can see, is that the s5n has a 2" screen, and s5z a 2.5", but has the same resolution.

I have used the sony t11 on many occassions and know the camera well, unlike the pentax, which ive never touched.

The only thing which is holding me back, is that sony memory stick pro duo is very expensive, and sd is cheap, and the pentax s5z is the same price as the t11 and comes with 512mb.

HELP! Please! Can someone point me in the right direction

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The Sony T series has a pitiful flash and the f3.5 exacerbates problems people have in available light. The flash has only 5 feet of range at wide and that decreases to 3 feet or less if you are zoomed. That isn't enough for anything but head and shoulder shots.

Buying a camera with 640 X 480 movies at 30fps requires a fast card – especially if they aren't MPEG4. If you compare apples to apples and look at fast SD cards they are still a little cheaper, but not by enough to base a buying decision on IMO.

I'm guessing your secret location is outside the US if the S5n is available to you. For some reason they aren't marketing it in the US – you can't find it online and I don't think many retailers have been able to get them.

If you have the choice of the two I would say to go with the S5n if you have good near vision or usually wear reading glasses. They both have 110k displays, which is marginal for 2 inch and poor for 2.5 inch. My near vision isn't great and I don't wear reading glasses. I really appreciate a 2.5 inch display. Mine is only 117k, so it isn't much better than the S5z, but I don't see the blockiness at the viewing distance I need for my eyes. But I can see the menus a lot better. There is no sense paying the extra bucks for the larger and blockier display if your near vision is good.

The S5z &n has a decent flash for a tiny camera and a f2.6 lens at wide. I think it would be a lot more useable even considering the Sonys have higher resolution LCDs. Research what card speed you need if you get one.

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