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I'm looking for a new digital camera. At first I thought this would be an easy process, but after a week of searching I'm pretty sure we can just forget about that one.

I'm hoping to find a camera with aperture priority, shutter priority, and full manual modes. I'd like a shutter range of 1/2000-30. Optical zoom should be a least 4x with the option to attach add-on lenses. Manual focus is a plus. Image stabilization is great, but I'm not really expecting it. I do want a lot of options to choose from on-camera so I can play around. I want a camera that I can use to get some good candid shots and also good pictures of landscapes or posed shots. I'll be taking pictures in everything from a bright afternoon to a basement to the middle of the night. I'd prefer not to spend more than $500 (this doesn't mean the list price has to be under 500, just that I can reasonably expect to find the camera for roughly $500 somewhere, including new or barely used on ebay).

I've used the Fujifilm Finepix E550 in the past. It is a good camera, but I did not appreciate the long recharge time for the flash and the max 3s shutter.

I've been looking at some cameras already, here are my thoughts:
Sony DSC-H1: I like the zoom, image stabilization, and shutter range. The images I've seen look pretty good. I've held this camera and it fit comfortably in my hands. The only thing I'm concerned about is the size. I'm not sure how I feel about carrying around a camera of this size.

Sony DSC-V3: This just seems to be a good camera that meets most of my requirements. I have not seen any sample images or actually held it, though. Can I attach a tripod to this?

Panasonic DMC-LX1: Love the shutter range and IS. The 'widescreen' sensor is very interesting. I am extremely concerned, though, by the reported noise issues with this camera with an ISO higher than 100 and the extreme dissatisfaction some people have with this. Also, I can't find out if this camera accepts conversion lenses.

Any comments on these three? Any suggestions? Is there anything I'm missing? Based on my desired features and what I plan to use the camera for, which one would you recommend? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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