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sean mac440 May 4, 2008 11:16 AM

Hi everyone,

I'm a longtime reader, but a first time poster. When my son (now 9 years old) was born, I purchased a Nikon N60 SLR camera. A few years later I purchased a Minolta point-and-shoot digital camera. This served me well, but for some time I have been trying to justify the purchased of a digital SLR.

Most of my photographs will be shots of my family. I will also be doing lots of landscapes. I can't see myself doing much sports photography. However, the ability to take photos of school events (low light, typically) is important.

I still have the kit lens that came with my N60. I also have a Tamron 80 - 210 (f 4.5 -22) zoom lens. I understand that this lens will not work with the Nikon d40, 40x or 60.

My question - the d40 or d60 seem to be good choices for me. However, I hate to simply ditch the Tamron lens. Would it make sense for me to purchase a d80 body so that I can use the lenses that I now have. Alternately, are my lenses nothing special - therefore I would be better off purchasing a d60 with the kit lenses.

Thanks for your help.

TCav May 4, 2008 12:28 PM

Yes, unfortunately, your Tamron 80-210 is nothing special. And better examples are available from Sigma and Tamron for less that $200.

But they won't autofocus on the D40, D40X or D60 either.

To be clear, the lenses you have will work with the D40, D40X and D60; they just won't autofocus.

Not having an autofocus motor limits the selection of lenses, but the lenses that are available cover most needs, and some of them are quite good, so if you can find what you want within that limited selection, then go for it.

And since you don't think you'll be doing much sports photography, you need not worry about the other major failing of the D40, D40X and D60: the speed of the autofocus system.

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