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quartz May 10, 2006 10:32 PM

:-)Hello everyone:

I'm very new to photography and this is my first post,so please be gentle.

I''m well aware that this question as been asked many times before,and having gone

shopping for a new DSLR it's a jungle out there.What to buy is what I need help with.I have narrowed it down to these three Cameras.Nikon D50 with 18-70mm Olympus E500 with the two lense kit 18-45 and 45 -150 and last to my surprise the ist dl from Pentax with 18-50 and 50 -200.The cost is almost equal with the Nikon been the most costly.I want a camera that will last me for a few years my intention is to use it for Landscaping photography and the add car race.I have read reviews on the Olympus and my concern is with the noise if shooting above 400 iso,any one have any comments ?The ist from Pentax feels right to me ,the cost is an advantage . Is there any users of the istDL that can share comments.Please any advice will be welcomed.

Thanks to all Ross

randypamjohnson May 11, 2006 12:42 AM


I have recently purchased the Oly E-500 with the two lenses kit. I can say it has exceeded my expectations...and quite frankly...has defied what little negative PR it has; small VF...noise at high ISO's.

As MT has said...he owns the D-50 and the E-500...and he has had very favorable comments regarding the E-500. I think it would also be safe to say that MT would not have purchased the E-500 if he felt it was in any way an inferior camera. All that said...he is partial to the D-50.

My experience with the camera thus far has been wonderful. The VF complaints are WAY overblown IMO. I have not had any problem whatsoever with it. The noise at higher ISO's I feel have been demonstrated by the pic's I have seen posted at ISO 400 & 800...they looked me. I am but a layman so your critique may vary. At ISO 1600 noise was noticable...but but by no means unusable. Again....just my opinion.

I got my E-500 kit at Sams Club for 699.00 By most accounts I have well as the reviews....the OLY kit lenses are considered much better lenses overall..with the 40-150 lense being rated an exceptional lense for the price.

I also was debating between the D-50 and the E-500. I went with the OLY because of the higher quality kit lenses, ergonomics and 2.5" LCD screen...and the large font type made reading the menu's a snap well as navigating around the menu's etc incredibly easy.

I am quite confident I would have been happy with the Nikon as well. In the is the skill of the photographer that is of primary importance....and the ultimate goal of most of us "photographer wanne-be's".

Good luck with your cannot go wrong with either one!

mtclimber May 11, 2006 9:06 AM


Because I teach multiple digital camera courses, including one devoted to just DSLR cameras, I own all of the consumer DSLR cameras. You are correct in saying that I am partial to the Nikon D-50 and like the E-500 when used at ISO's of 400 and less. Otherwise, plan to become friendly with Neat Image or Noise Ninja software.


jad123 May 11, 2006 3:18 PM


i know this sounds a daft question, to the casual user, in your opinion,would i be using the higher ISO on the day to day use of a camera, as i will mainly use auto and scene modes for the foreseeable future, as i do NOT wish to use software to improve my images other than to crop, if i dont like the picture straight from the camera i just delete them, you have answered my thread on two previous occasion's one on the e500, of which has now come down to £550 in the u.k. for the 2 lens kit, (of which i like the physical look of), also you recommended the d50 with the tamron lens, (think you said an 18-300), as i, at this stage only want one lens to match i.e the 12xzoom lenses, i have now discounted the mega zooms, because to many people have hinted you need to process your pictures, my current thinking is to buy a dslr and then if i improve i can upgrade later, without having to buy a new camera, again. Has i would eventually also like a macro lens, i think for my use these 2 lenses would be sufficientthe other question to you is, if i keep the lens attached will this totally eliminate the dust problem, also could a dslr newcomer clean the lenswithout causing any harm, or does it go to the camera shop?

i hope i have explained this clearly

the answer to this may also be of benefit to Quartz

thank you, alan

mtclimber May 11, 2006 4:30 PM


In the situation you describe, I hardly see that you will very often at all use an ISO setting greater than ISO 400, so any of the Oly E-500, Nikon D-50, or Pentax DL DSLR cameras will work well for you. The advantage of the Oly two lens kit ( the 14-45mm and the 50-150mm lens is that you have the 35mm equivalent of 21mm (a nice wide angle) to 300mm in focal length.


jad123 May 11, 2006 5:22 PM

dear mt

i did not expect responses on both questions i responded to tonight, from you, i am going into my local shop tomorrow to look at the size of these dslrs, i hope to look at buying the smallest one available, as i said i very much like the cosmetics of the e500, it also gives me the dust remover and is a good package price, i will have to see what the bloke in the shop has to say re the lens situation, as i still like the aspect of a body and do it all lens (obviously not the macro aspect), for the time being, if i take a photo and crop it, is it equivilent to a macro shot or not, or am i on the wrong track, i have not tried this, or am i being a bit thick, also even on my photography requirements is any of the three you recommend, how big an improvement over the panasonic fz-30, bearing in mind i would not be able to upgrade that camera

after everything i have read, even if i did not buy a dslr, i would not upgrade from my olympus, because i do not believe it would be a worthwhile upgrade, i will not be posting any more questions, as i feel the only thing i now need to do is stop asking and finally make a decision and i would like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone else for all yours and their help and advice

all the best, alan

mtclimber May 11, 2006 7:38 PM


Because I conduct digital camera workshops all over the world, I am not always here. On Saturday (05/13) I will board the second Trans-Atlantic cruise in less than three weeks, to conduct a workshop as we traverse the Atlantic. So I will only be answering questions for another 24 hours. Then things will have to wait till I get home once more around July 5th.


robbo May 11, 2006 8:27 PM

I think the Olympus E-500 has a focal length multiplier of 2.0X, not 1.5X, which would give it a maximum wide angle equivalent of 28mm, still very useful. Most of the other entry level DSLR's have kit lens with about the same wide angle maximum.

quartz May 11, 2006 8:28 PM


Thank you very much for your reply.It's nice to hear from actual users of a particular model of camera .One can read tons of reviews and get more and more confused along the way.In my opinion the way a camera looks and feels in your hands along with good reviews should matter to a certain extend,as you ultimately will be using it on a daily basis.Nothing against Nikon or Canon I'm sure they are fine cameras in their own rights I just happen to like the looks and feel of the Oly,and the way Olympus is pricing the two lens kit makes it almost impossible to overlook.Therefore putting aside the noise level at above 400 ISO the Oly is way ahead of the competition.MT I'm sure you know more about DSLR than many of of us,and therefore your comments and observations are most welcomed,and well taken.My main concern was the noise level at high ISO and if I can look past that I'm sure I have found my new camera.


mtclimber May 12, 2006 8:23 AM

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I often use ISO 800 and rarely ISO 1600 on my OLY E-500. If I need to, I will run the images through Neat Image. Here is a sample taken with my E-300 at ISO 800 and run through Neat Image. It was taken with the 40-150mm kit lens.


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