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Ok so im looking to buy a digital camera and am hoping you can help me choose. here are all the things I am looking for in a digital camera:

1. Price- Less than $500 (or at least close to it)

2. Size- Not very important but i don't want it to be too big or heavy, so somewhat compact I guess, but again not that important.

3. Durability- Needs to not break easily! I will use it a lot at shows/concerts and can't have it break if i drop it or someone knocks into me. I have had a cannon for over a year and haven't had any problems, just want an upgrade.

4. Zoom- Like i said i go to a lot of concerts and need something that will focus somewhat quickly and have an optical zoom of preferably 7x or more (the more the better)

5. Imagine quality- Obviously i want it to take decent photos but i really want a camera that will take good pictures in low light and changing lights (for concerts again)

6. Video shooting- Heres a big one for me. I love to take videos but dont want a big camcorder so i want a digital camera that will take great video in low light, be able to zoom while taking a video, and have no set length of time (my cannon had a 3 min. timer for videos before it would stop recording). I would also like the audio to be pretty good as well.

Summary- The main purpose for this camera is going to shows and rock concerts so i need a camera that can take good low light photos and videos, has a good zoom, and has good durability, and almost above all take good videos! I know that digital cameras arent the best for videos but i want an all around digital camera that can do more that just take nice photos.

Im no expert but quality is important and i really appreciate all the help i can get. Recommend something too if your going to respond. dont just say there is no such camera please. give me your best solution and tell me why. Thanks for taking the time to read all of this, sorry its so long!
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if you want to shoot videos with zoom, the canon powershot S5-IS (or the S3-IS if you can find one) and the kodak Z712 zoom during shooting. not many others do. some offer digital zoom, but that makes the videos look bad. check steve's S3-IS and S5-IS videos samples - they are better than the videos from some camcorders. i don't know about their low light.

i have a fuji S9100, and it does good videos in low light (better than the low light pics) and you can zoom manually, but it's pretty big to carry around.

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