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Default Help me find the perfect camera for my child!!!

Yes, it's gift buying time. There are few people who understand how I can be spending so much effort researching a camera for a 6 year old, but I'm among my people here. I know what I want must exist, but I'm having trouble finding it.

I want a great starter camera for my daughter. SHE DROPS THINGS. LOL So, I really want something shock resistant. But she isn't going to drop it in the toilet (or take it swimming) so I really don't need one of those waterproof cameras. Everything time I look for something droppable, it's waterproof, and most of the affordable waterproof cameras get terrible reviews. So, I need something durable.

Features I want:
Fairly small/light
Easy to work with clear buttons
Image stabilization
Movie mode
Decent flash
Something that focuses easily, which would probably equate with quickly
I'd like to keep it to $150 max (Much less wouldn't be bad, but I'm trying to be realistic.)
I'd prefer AA batteries, but I'm OK with a custom battery so long as battery life isn't TERRIBLE.
(If it came in pink or red, that would be nice)

She does not need any manual controls to start. She can use mine as she progresses. I'm not also worried about a ton of resolution. I'm not even worried about some noise in the images. Mostly, the images will stay on the screen, but when she does print, it will likely be all 4x5s. I'm totally open to an older model, just so long as I can buy it new/refirb somewhere. I've had bad luck going used.

Mostly I want my daughter to be able to learn to enjoy taking pictures. That means she has to have a camera she feels comfortable using without having to worry about too much and one that allows her to capture what she sees, so she isn't frustrated. If she fails to get the pictures, she will give up. It's her style.

Please direct me.


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Whatever you get her, get her a PRETTY CASE that she will USE...then she may not break it when she DOES drop it. I don't know, me, I been shooting with cameras since I was 5 and have not broken one. Only dropped two, both times this past summer and trust me I am WAY past five NOW.

Hmmm, just ran into some great deals on cameras...trying to remember where. They were all about a hundred bucks...all 10-12.2 MP with usual stuff on them. I know I saw some at costco. Then I was at best buy yesterday. Geez, mind is going, too.
For me the Canons are the 'hardiest'. Take the banging best. Then the sony's. Let me look up some models and be back.
Check Steves reviews, too
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I think the Kodak Z915 would b the best.It is a v well reviewed camera and highly recommended on this forum as well,and U can get it for around $100 from Amazon.
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