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I certainly agree with your conclusion. However, the FZ-35, interestingly enough is regarded by many FZ-35 users (see LTZ's post) as an ideal travel camera.

Sarah Joyce
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Default Many Thanks

Thanks to all who have entered replies since I last wrote. Had to travel to see friends today, but will check out your suggestions over the weekend.
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Originally Posted by Dianne10 View Post
I am trying to select a pocket sized camera for taking photos of my family, and for travel photos.
I am looking for a camera that gives sharp 4x6 or 5x7 photos, can be used with low light, and takes good panoramic shots. If the camera has digital zoom, I want to be able to disable it.
Thanks very much for any help that anyone can give me.
Dianne Catalano

The Samsung TL350 (WB2000 outside of the U.S.) is a "small" camera. The dimensions are (100 x 59 x 22 mm) (3.9 x 2.3 x 0.9 in). It has in camera sweep panorama capability and by the limited amount of user images posted seems to have better than average low-light capabilty for a small sensor P&S camera. I think Samsung’s method of digital zoom is that it cannot be disabled but when you zoom in, the zoom will stop at the end of the optical zoom. Toggling the zoom lever again goes into digital zoom so you have to deliberately enter digital zoom.

Check the photos in this thread taken by the Samsung TL350. Especially the photo of the little girl's hair and the poster's vacation photos. Click twice on a photo to expand it to full screen to really see the sharpness (it takes a few seconds for the full resolution to load). There are more photos on page-1. There are more photos in other threads too.


I couldn't ask for sharper, more well exposed and good low light images from a "small" P&S camera than those images are. (emphasis on "small" camera) Even the moving girls on the tire swing are very sharp. Be aware that this camera has a 5x zoom so is not a super zoom camera. The Canon S90 is a small camera also and the image quality in low-light would be much better but the zoom is a bit less at 3.8x and the popup flash would bother my wife (I’m looking for a small camera for her).

Here's a link to the Samsung promo for the camera:


Not recommending that you buy one since I haven’t tested one personally and it's hard to make definitive conclusions by just viewing a limited amount of photos on the web, but I ordered a TL350 and it’s in transit now.


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