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Mynzeyes Sep 20, 2006 10:07 AM

Okay, first off, I have searched the forums over, and I cannot find any real comparison between the two cameras. All I have been able to really find is the S3 vs. H5, which is a rather unfair comparison.

I have had Sony cameras all of my digital camera possessing life, and I have never really been disappointed with them. However, brand loyalty is not an issue for me. The use of memory cards versus secure digital cards is also not an issue.

The only comparison I have been able to find is a review comparing the Sony DSC-H1 to the Canon S2-IS. And I must say, based on the sample pictures, they are roughly even, but the Canon does edge out the Sony as far as clarity and saturation. In some pictures, the Sony did have more vivid colors, but those colors bled into the surroundings and seemingly smudged the image. So, based on that review, I, personally, would rate the Canon S2-IS over the Sony DSC-H1. However, I wonder if these qualities are passed on to the H2 and S3?

I am, at best, an amateur photographer, and I really only do it as a hobby. I've just become torn between these 2 cameras. I've used both, and I currently own the Canon S3-IS, but I'm wondering if it really is the right camera for me. Naturally, the Sony is more user-friendly to me, as I am used to the interface, but the Canon seems like the more powerful of the 2, as far as customability and user-defined dependences.

Honestly, my main issue with the Canon S3 is the indoor auto-focus. Even in P mode or any other non-Auto modes, the camera has trouble focusing on a person that is not even 5 feet away. This is with the AF Assist beam on, flash up, etc. Everything other than that has been fine, and I just keep telling myself that once I get used to it, it will have been a much better choice than the Sony H2, but I'm looking for a little feedback.

So, this is for people who have tried both side-by-side, and aren't necessarily professional photographers. Which do you think has the better quality pictures? The better in-doors shots? The more user-controlled dependences? Overall, the best camera for the money? (If you're wondering, they are both priced within approx. 20 dollars of each other in the store I shopped.)

I've already had the Sony H2, and returned it to get the Canon S3, but now I'm unsure. I really don't want to return the S3 and go back to the H2, but someone please help. :).

Thanks in advance everyone,

monsoon777 Sep 22, 2006 10:55 PM

I am in the same boat as you. I just sold my S2-IS with the intension of buying the S3 becasue I was frustrated with pretty much all of my blurry indoor and even some outside macro shots.. But after HOURS of research and some suggestions my other helpfull people on here, I'm 95% sure I'm going to jump brands again and try the Fujifilm S6000FD (aka S6500fd in Europe and Asia for whatever reason). While the S6000 is too new for any decent reviews it's probably similar to their F30 (same MP and CCD) if you compare Sony H2/or h5 and the Canon s2 or s3 to the Fujifilm F30 which even has a crummy lens you will come sit in the boat with me. One caviot is its a little bigger again than the S3 which was already too big to fit in your pocket, but once you go over I guess what does it matter. Also I already have a 1gb SD and will have to Overpay for an XD card, but I just want clear pictures! The fuji has an ISO of 3200!!! and a very cool auto focus on faces. Has a 10.7 zoom instead of 12 (so what). Check it out. Also the Fuji is $499 list, but I might be able to wait out the retail price until it drops (yea right). I'm only going to miss the swivel and spin viewfinder but it was too small anyways.

Camera Specs aka Steve's but no review yet:

Compare shots from the F30 on this website:

Good luck!

Mynzeyes Sep 22, 2006 11:13 PM

Hey, thanks to monsoon for finally replying. I've pretty much settled on the S3-IS, because this was a birthday present, so I don't have time to wait for prices to drop. After comparing the S1 and H1, and S2 and H2, I can safely say that the Canon is the better choice.

I do like the 30second shutter timer, and a couple other minor things about the Sony, but the articulating LCD and all the crazy color settings and swaps and what not more than make up for it. Also, the stereo sound on the video, and the ability to capture while recording, just adds that much more to the Canon's punch. I think the problem with the focus on the Canon was that I am not used to such a complex camera. I just need to get used to it, and be more patient.

That Fuji does look very nice, monsoon. The face recognition looks very very interesting, but a few things over with the Canon sell me still:
a) Price.
b) Readily available reviews and information.
c) Articulating LCD.
d) Stereo sound in video.
e) Special FX SCN modes.
f) 12x optical zoom w/ 4x digital.

Those are just a few right off the bat that stand out. However, I don't think you can go wrong with either the Canon, the Sony, or the Fuji. It's all a matter of trying something new. For me, from Sony to Canon. For you, from Canon to Fuji. Maybe that'll be my next stop. :).

Thanks again for the info, monsoon. Good luck to you too!


monsoon777 Sep 23, 2006 3:42 AM

Yes technically I went from Sony to Canon and now probably to Fuji. I think you'll be happy. I liked the S2, only that I didn't like using the flash indoors and taking a shot of a 16mo old is near impossible with any camera. My house being dark makes every shot a blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I am willing however to fork over an extra $100 if I don't have to throw away 95% of the shots and keep the rest just so I have some record of my kid! But like I said, you'll be happy with the S2 or S3.

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