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I am looking for a small take everywhere camera that will give real quality pictures.

I was just ready to buy a Sony p200- 269.00 with a 512 pro card and a free printer (after rebate). I know that these are going away and they are "old technology". But would I be better off with this as opposed to a cannon 450?Or any of thenewer ones. Nikon l1 seems nice but slow-- to me in comparison.Any other suggestions? Mostly snapshots-- grandchildren, dog, etc.

Thanks in advance.
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Generally speaking I think most Canons have better colors than the Sonys.. My old (3 yrs old) Sony gave better photos than a Sony I bought and returned recently.

I'd say stick with Canon.. The A610 is quick (digicII processor), but it's not VERY small.
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Old Feb 14, 2006, 8:28 PM   #3
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I have the Canon S80.

It's pretty good.
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The Sony P-200 offers many desireable features. However, it is subject to one crippling fault. It is subject to dust intrusion, that eventually disables the imager (CCD). This has been well documenteded.

This is one of the reasons that Sony will soon cease production of the P-200. The choice is of course completely yours. However, if the choice was left up to me I would be looking at newer technology in a highly rated camera.

Certainly within the same price range and size are the Casio 120Z, and the Canon SD-450 and SD-550. Larger in size, but still worth considering are the Canon A-610 and A-620, as well as the Fuji F-10, F-30, and E-900.

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The P200 has some good features for family shots. It is one of the few small cameras that isn't prone to red-eye. The odd long shape lets them put the flash further from the lens. Children seem more prone to red-eye and it is a hassle to remove it. The P200 is well up to current standards for shutter lag and cycle times. It has a reasonably strong flash for a small camera and focuses extremely well in low light. Steve has it on his best cameras list and dpreview gave it a "highly recommended". It isn't a bad camera.

Some people don't like the 1/45 flash sync on the P200. That is a compromise that gives better backgrounds but can be prone to ghosts in very bright lighting. The P200 does have enough manual control to set whatever you want though.

That sounds like a good deal for a 7Mp camera with a lithium battery and charger. Especially if you need a printer. You might want to go over to the Sony board to ask about the dust that mtclimber mentioned. It could be something that happened with early cameras that they fixed with better sealing. Sony is a pretty good company and I would think they would address something like that. Casio had a problem with their initial batch of Z750s with lens errors that they fixed in later releases.

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look at the pentax optio series, i have one of them
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Old Feb 17, 2006, 1:14 PM   #7
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Try the Pentax WPi - waterproof & therefore probably dustproof.

It's also tiny & the lens is non-protruding: a perfect pocket camera.

I've done tripod tests and am thinking of one for me!

See posts under "Pentax WP, the waterproof one?" on this forum. -Erik
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