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annie21 Jan 21, 2005 5:10 PM

:?For a relative beginner, am I better off going for the SD300 with more megapixels or the cheaper SD200?? I've read all the blurb, decided I really only needed the SD200, but then had a nagging doubt that maybe I ought to go for the higher resolution camera - I'm really only a point and shoot person, not very tecchy, but am very interested and keen to learn!!

If anyoneone can give me some advice, I'd be really grateful.


Jack B. Nimble Jan 21, 2005 7:44 PM

It's really a question of what you'll be doing with your camera, if you're going to be enlargin beyond 5x7 and cropping, the SD300 is probably going to be the best choice for you. As long as you have the money, I don't see a reason not to go with the SD300, as it's a great little camera. Check out the reviews on this sight if you're not completly sure.

Best of luck with your search!~Jack

kimnicho Jan 22, 2005 1:58 AM

Annie - I own the Canon SD200 and the photo quality is amazing ! In my opinion, it's not worth it for most people to pay an extra $100 for one more megapixel. If you are like me, and will mostly be taking 4x6 photos or even 5x7 or the occasionally 8x10, 3 megapixels is more than enough! I would get the Canon SD200 than make a Bigger Jump in a couple of years to a 5 or 7 megapixel camera with more manual controls.

The way I look at it, I could spend the extra $100 for something I didn't need or use it to buy a larger capacity SD card, an extra (albeit a knock-off) battery, and a nice leather case. Plus, the SD200 looks cooler ! (less shiny metal parts)

annie21 Jan 23, 2005 8:27 AM

Thank you both for your comments - I'm really grateful. One comment which I've gleaned from this forum is that the edges of the SD200 photos turn out better than the SD300s. Any experience of that?

I think I want to go with kimnicho's advice & buy the SD200 plus the extras, but am afraid that after a few months I may decide I ought to have gone for the SD300, because hopefully my skills will have improved - and I am only talking of a price differential here of about 40 UK pounds!!

What a sad indecisive person I'm being!!


cz9h3d Jan 23, 2005 3:53 PM

I've had the SD300 for a few days, and as an amateur who will mainly print out 4 x 6's, I can't notice any dark or blurry edges. However, as another indecisive person, I too am wondering if I should just save a few $$ and get the SD200. If I can't make up my mind, why not save a few $$? But why not spend just a few $$ for the extra resolution to provide more room to crop? Argh!

I've been using a 3MPixel S30 for three years, and never knew I needed more resolution! My newest camera is a 2MPixel Panasonic FZ1 which I love. Guess I'm no help, I don't have a strong opinion one way or the other! I don't think it matters much either way. If you want to save some money, great. If 4 MegaPixels will make you feel better about your purchase, great there too.

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