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Machouki Jan 14, 2006 5:44 PM

Hi everybody,
I've looked at packages around the web and I think I can get any of these with 2 lenses + 1x 2gig card for just around 1k USD.

Now, for pretty much the same quality, which is the safest bet?

I like the d50's body feel but I have yet to try an e-500 powered. I've only held it w/o battery charged. I'd like to see how fats it zooms and takes pictures.

This is for leisure use only. I'm going on a trip soon and do not want to miss a beat. The 2in lcd is a nice feature but not sure it is an absolute must.

Let me know what I really have to look for to try to untie these 3 picks.

Thanks in advance to all.

mtclimber Jan 16, 2006 11:27 AM


It is just a thought, but, at least for me, the ideal traveler's camera is small, quick, and very handy to use. I own dSLR cameras but a dSLR camera makes a pretty large and weighty kit. When traveling I prefer something smaller.

Would a Panasonic FZ-5, or a Canon S-2 fill the bill for you?


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