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Hi I was wondering which would be the best camera between all four. It'll be a graudation present for me to take to college, so I need something with nice pointandshoot capabilities but also one which I can take *some* artistic photography with for fun.

The things I value most are 1) Optical Zoom, 2) Megapixels, 3) Pocketability, 4) Image Stablization (or well these are the most important factors I generally value and in which order... if there's other things which are more important than these/larger factor please feel free to tell me)

I can get the DSCP93 for $220, the S1 IS for $260, the S410 for $226, the A520 for around $200, and the SD300 for $250.

I really can't decide between them, the S1 IS would be my regular choice for the 10x optical zoom and the image stablizer, but it's not pocketable at all really. The DSCP93 has more megapixels then the rest, but just 3x optical zoom, and it's not that pocketable. The A520 isn't as pocketable as the SD300, but it is cheaper and has 4x optical zoom. The S410 is same megapixels/optical zoom as the S410, and it's bigger and has a smaller LCD... but it is cheaper. Overall (besides the P93's 5.1 mp and the S1 IS's 10x optical zoom) they all seem pretty much the same, so I have no idea how to decide.

What would you recommend I get?
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any help please? just any input on any of these cameras would be appreciated
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I spent a lot of time researching various cameras and narrowed it down to the Canon A520 and SD300. I chose the SD300 because it's pockatibility and speed outweighed the benefits of the A520; I'll be buyingthe SD300tomorrow.

Here are more details:

To me, pocketability and image quality were the most important issues. The SD300 is definitely more pocketable, a definite plus at college; it's also faster and has abigger "wow" factor, if that's important to you. The image quality of the A520 is slightly better in the cornersbecause the SD300 (and all pocket-sized cameras) tend to blur the cornersundercertain conditions.To see this blurring, check out these two images:

Compare the upper left corners at full size:
SD300: http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/SD300/FULLRES/SD3HOUSEWBA.HTM
A520: http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/A520/FULLRES/A52HOUSEWBA.HTM
However, when I printed the two images (4x6 size at Target), the difference was barely noticeable. Plus, at 4MP, it's easy to crop the corners out if necessary.

Here is what I liked about the A520:
1. Clear corners (versus some blur in SD300)
2. 4x optical zoom (versus 3x in SD300)
3. 300 shots on fully charged NiMH batteries (versus 140 shots in SD300)
4. LCD is protected by a sturdy plastic cover
5. Better grip

Here is what I liked about the SD300:
1. Pocketability
2. Movie recording at 640x480 limited only by memory (versus 30 sec at a timein A520)
3. Faster operation (A520 takes 5-10 seconds between shots, esp w/ flash on)

Both cameras are good so either one will be an excellent choice but I preferred the pocketability and speed of the SD300 over the 4x zoom and battery life of the A520.

In either case, plan on spending another $80-$100 for memory card (256MB), battery (spare batt for SD300 or rechargeable w/ charger for A520) and a case. FYI- if you're worried about protecting the LCD on the SD300, you can buy a hard or soft screen prtoector for about $8.

Hope this helps.
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