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YoelD Aug 16, 2005 11:56 AM

Hello readers,

I am hesitating between Fuji E550 and Canon A95 cameras.

Main drawback of the Fuji is its low light performance, poor flash and LCD brightness in sunny environment.

The canon A95 has been reported as slow, purple fringes but with a convenient LCD swivelling (good for candid shots!).

Any hints helping to decide ?

Many thanks,


Adun Aug 17, 2005 3:09 AM

FUJI 'S E550 lost its 28MM wide lense compared to other two E500 Series:arrow:E500 and E510~But seems got a good image quality.

CANON'S A95 is a real good DC from those who want to do some Creative things~Esp for new DC owner.

In your comment ~I think you got a good compare between these two.

My suggestion is

~For home use ~Do not want a real Full control of yourDC just take a shot and go~You may choose E550(I don't know if the 550 got the same black points issue about the SuperCCD)

~ForDC fans use~A95 is areal good choose~A lot of person bought it why don't you have one...

PS: compared XD card to CF card~I think a highspeed CF card is more useful~For you future DSLR:cool:

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