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im hoping some kind people can help me out here with what camera to buy ive had a look through the Ultra Compact - Pocketable and Entry-Level on the main page and have made a few selections but im id like a few opinions and maybe suggestions.

first let me say that this camera is going to be a gift for my parents mainly and i will use occasionally when im on the move as so to speak as i have a 8080WZ.

anyway.. i like the look of the following, but i am open to suggestions with other cameras!

Casio EXILIM EX-Z700
Canon's PowerShot A530

i dont want to be spending silly amounts of cash on features they will never use but id like a few "extras" for when i use it if you know what i mean

the camera will be used for taking holiday shots, birthday parties indoor/outdoor and for events. for example they went to a 60's music festival weekend not to long ago with groups from the 60's playing etc etc which took place indoors and outdoors..

i understand that indoor shooting will not be perfect by any means but as long as its reasonable that will be good enough.

anyway i hope help a little, any advice will be most welcome!

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Because I have not had a great deal of sucess with Casio cameras, I tend to just personally pass by them. Your experience might be more positive. If you are looking for a simple point and shoot camera, the Kodak C-875 is an easy camera to use with simple menus and excellent IQ.

You do not list where you live, but currently, www.costco.com has the C-875 for just $US 169.00. This is quite a good price in as much as the Kodak C-875 sold for $299, when it was introduced earlier in the year.

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Hi thanks for the reply.. im from the UK

i have no knowledge of Casio cameras so i will take your word for it, thanks for the suggestion i will check it out!

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