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Wzix Jul 19, 2008 10:48 AM


I appreciate that this forum may be for digital cameras and not so much camcorders, but Im sure you can offer me the advice that I need.

A few years back we had a DVI tape camcorder i think ?, now this is getting annoying with having to change tapes etc.

Im looking for a camcorder, that will record on SD or a HDD for easy PC access. I have a fast PC, so I would love to use it!

The main use of the camera will be on holiday, my budget really is no higher than £300.

I would very much like HD, but a good alternative is fine.

So far I have only really seen the Sanyo HD700 (£250) as the main contender, please could you tell me what else is about !

Thankyou in advance!

Edit* The hybrid Camera feature of the HD700 isnt vital, as I already have a Nikon D50

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