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Default HS10 or FZ100

I have been interested in these cameras and cannot decide between them. Both have a viewfinder and powerful zooms, and both seem to be good cameras by the reviews with fast burst shot modes.

the Fuji stands out because of its very impressive 30x optical zoom, while the panasonic FZ100 "only" has a 24x zoom, but I still like the fuji zoom range better. Most of the reviews I have seen seem to give a slight edge in image quality to the Panasonic, and good image quality is a very important part of the choice. The panasonic also seems to have a faster shutter speed, which I believe is needed for good fast action shots? and a better time between shots.

How would battery life compare betewen the 2? The panasonic uses a lithium ion while the fuji uses AA rechargeables.

The panasonic claims to have "intelligent zoom" which increases the zoom to 32x. what is intelligent zoom? marketing speak for Digital Zoom? does it result in image quality loss?

I have also looked at the Olympus 590 and the Canon SX30 which has a 35x zoom, but a slow burst mode.

I would really like to try a DSLR, but they are too expensive for me right now, and I cannot afford the camera plus lenses, so I am looking at these 2 models.

How would image quality from the HS10 or FZ100 compare to the quality from my panasonic FH20? they all use the same size sensor, right?

Thank you for any help and advice you can give!

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There have been many good photos taken with both cameras...translate this to English or your preferred language and get a great review of the FZ100 by an owner that is very thorough...
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The three major differences between the two cameras are: 1) the HS10 has manual zoom (I love that...my old Sony R1 is like that and and of course all DSLRs as well); 2) The HS10 has a manual focus ring rather than buttons found on just about all P&S offering this feature. This is also very neat and it makes manual focusing much easier; 3) the HS10 has a 30x zoom lens vs. 24x of the FZ100.

Now, it may sound I'm saying...go get the HS10 but actually I'm not. I'm just pointing out the main differences and the fact that I like them. However, the HS10 has its flaws as well, such as LCD black out when shooting burst, possible image softness at 30x, etc.

When the FZ100 first came out, the results were not very positive. However, over time users became more familiarized with the camera and started to obtain better results with it.

So, I suggest you do some research first (don't just go by reviews because they are not bullet proof...take user's opinions into serious account).

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