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Default HS30EXR or X-S1?

I currently have a D200 and I am looking at moving to either the HS30EXR or the X-S1. I know some of you are going to ask why move from a dSLR to a "Bridge Camera", but that is not a topic for this thread.

I did own a S100FS and it was a great camera. It just didn't suite my needs at the time, so I sold it.

Here are some concert photos taken with the S100FS:

Link to photos

So, my question is. Will I be okay with the HS30EXR for $499 (MSRP), or am I going to really kick myself and wish that I had spent another $300 for the X-S1?

Is the X-S1 really going to be worth $799??

I already have a pocket P & S (Panasonic TZ5).

I would use the other camera (HS30 or X-S1) for mainly landscape, scenics, etc... If I had a family gathering (example: birthday party) I would probably go for the P & S. If I wanted an impromptu grab, I would just use my Razr.

I haven't shot a concert in a few years, but I really like the Manual mode of the bridge camera vs. the P & S.

Which one is going to have better bracket functionality? (for HDR)

I also shoot primarily in RAW.

Thank you
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It's interesting you say you'd be using this camera for Landscape,scenic's etc... which beg's the question- do you really need all that zoom range...?
You also say you'd shoot mainly RAW- which suggests you're a pixel peeper(nothing wrong with that..!)therefore quality is high up on your requirements- so maybe you'd be better served trying both to compare IQ....
If zoom isn't really a major requirement,maybe the X-10 would suffice- or how about this large sensor equipped little fellow....the new Canon GX1...
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I'd like to have zoom. I live near a national park and a state park. Wildlife all around.

I currently have a 17-50 on my D200. One of the reasons why I am considering selling the D200 and going with a "bridge" is because the 17-50 isn't always adequate in every situation. I don't have the fund$ to feed NAS and get additional lenses. Plus the D200 is 6 years old. There's newer technology out there!
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Specs-wise, the XS1 is worth it -- at least to ME it is. However, if you're not doing a whole lot of low-light stuff, the HS-30 would probably give you satisfactory to excellent results. Again, YMMV. Since you have an S100FS you'll be familiar with menus, etc. And, you'll have a jump on the learning curve. That's something to be considered over other brands. How much time would you be willing to spend "relearning" a new brand. I'm not saying DON'T jump to another brand. If another brand offers what you want...

Being in a wildlife area, you're going to need all zoom you can muster and that points to the HS-30.
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Thank you for your feedback.

I'm leaning toward the X-S1 because of sensor size and low light.

I no longer have the S100FS. It was a very good camera, I liked it a lot.

BTW... I like your signature. I'm on the right.
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