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ishiharz Jan 6, 2006 11:34 AM

This is my 1st post so excuse my me if I am not doing this right. After pouring over past posts and discussions on this message board I have come to the conclusion that the Creative divi 428 is probably the best in over all quality of video produced. I also learned that I could get it for $210 w/ free shipping from a Singapore web site recommended by some one on this forum. An Aiptek mpvr is 150 plus tax ( $159 w/ New Jersey tax added). I can also get a Mustek dv 9300 for about $130- $150 w/ shipping on ebay. Is the Creative worth the extra $60 dollars? Does anybody know of a cheaper place to buy it?

Caelum Jan 6, 2006 5:33 PM

Hi ishiharz,for some reason those inexpensive hybrids are not discussed much here, but they are the topic ofthe Hybrid forum. I recommend youpostyour question there to get an answer. Cheers.

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