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I got a Nikon D50. I know, I know, it's not even one I asked about! But there were a number of reasons. First I decided I had to go dSLR to do what I wanted to (learn to tweak, better pictures,campfire shots at picnics, existing light indoors,blah blah). I couldn't get anything like an Oly 7070 to meet my trip deadline and it's been discontinued anyway. As far as which dSLR, well frankly, I was getting really tired of researching! There are trade-offs with each. Nikon is what I can get locally and can get help with, which seems like a relatively important factor to me. And for Nikon D50 vs. Canon Rebel XT vs. Fuji 9000/5200 (I know, p&s, not dSLR), we did a "shootout" in the store. The D50 edged out the 9000, though just barely I will say. The 5200 lagged behind in image quality, though it wasn't bad. The Canon, well unfortunately the memory card was bad and we couldn't take pictures. The clerk (manager) had used all the models though and said the Canon was neck and neck with the D50, with the D50 maybe having a slight edge.

So in the end, what tipped it for me was the user-friendly layout of the Nikon. The whole thing is set up very intuitively and logically. The fuji got hugeknocks in my book on thisissue. Thefuji menu system just didn't make sense to me, couldn't remember it, etc.With the Nikon, you push a button and then turn the command dial to scroll through the options which are shown on the top-mounted lcd. It just plain makes sense and is easy! The user's manual also turns out to be just as clear and logically laid out as the camera. Very impressive.

So I'm a happy camper and just wanted to share that, because you all were so kind inhelping me. Thanks!

Now to pick out a cheap p&s for my 6 year old! She's been warned not to lay a hand on my Nikon! :-)
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Good for you, Kiddo! The D50 is a superb camera. If I were in the market for a high-quality DSLR at a reasonable price, it would be my choice too. Have fun!
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Thanks! And yes, it was the price that got me. When I decided I found the S9000 and the D50 so neck and neck, the D50 won. Maybe I'll live to rue it as I'm already starting to ponder lenses, blah blah. But it really is sweet...
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