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futbol mom wrote:
OK, another question....How can the below web site offer a Nikon D80 (body only) for $399??:shock:


Thanks again.
Here's how.....


They get a 0.35 out of 10 rating on Resellerratings.com! That's almost an absolute zero! I guess the ONLY positive I can say about Expresscameras.com is that they apparently don't artificially post "positive" reviews of themselves like most of the other scam shops.

RUN...don't walk...away from this place! Remember the old adage, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

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I am bios to the Nikons. Look at the D80,They just came out with it and it is getting great reviews. Some reviewers say it has many of the same features of the more expensive D200. I checked out the price today and you can get the body for 1,000.00. You can compare cameras side by side at www.dpreview.com.
By the way I have the Nikon D100 and love it!
Good luck,
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OK, so now I see where I need to go with my lens choices, but yet again am stuck on which camera. I have definitely ruled out the XTi. I have never held the Canon 20D, only the 30D...are they similar? I have been leaning toward the Nikon D80 (for no particular reason). I read in another post that the Canon had spot metering, where the Nikon did not...what exactly will that do for me? I was really hoping to hold one of these cameras and just say, "this one feel great, I'll take it!". Since that is not the case, can anyone shed some light on what to consider next. :roll:


FB Mom
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