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Ok, this is my problem. I owned a Minolto E323. This was a great camera for me. It's fast makes great pictures, I just loved it. But then I was on a holiday in Poland and I got robbed. They broke my nose and stole my camera. When I got back to Holland I started looking for a new camera. Al the sites and the huge choice drove me crazy. I ended up buying the Nikon 5600. From day one, I hate this camera. The pictures it makes are not that good. And the biggest this that I dont like about this camera. It's so slow. When I use the flash, it takes about 5 sec to 10 sec before I can take the next picture. And the screen just turns black....?? And a nother weird thing, when the battery is empty the lens just stays out..! It doesn't go back in and there is no way of getting it back in. Now I want to get a new camera. But I run into the same problem like before, there is just to much information. I dont know what to buy.

Now I want a camera that:
  • Makes pictures fast, no w88 for the flash[/*]
  • Is small, i what to be able to put it in my pocked[/*]
  • Is NOT Nikon[/*]
  • Uses SD cards[/*]
  • Uses battery[/*]
  • Price for 200-400 euro[/*]
Who can help me
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Welcome to the forums.

I edited your previous post, and removed a certain adjective. We have visitors of all ages and cultures, and we would prefer it if you didn't use that particular adjective in posts (even though it ended up with astericks in it).


As for your Nikon, it's run by only 2 AA batteries. As a general rule, the weaker the power source, the longer it's going to take to recharge the flash, with recycle times dependent on your subject distance. Are you using high capacity NiMH Rechargeable batteries? If not, you may want to see if that improves cycle times (it may or may not). A model using only 2 AA batteries will tend to take longer between flash shots.

If you're closer, it will recycle faster. If you're further away, it will recycle slower (since it must use a longer flash burst for further away subjects, draining more power).

If you look at our Best Cameras List, you'll see some models deemed to be a good value listed, and you'll see a category for ultracompact-pocketable.

If you read the review conclusion section for each model (last page in each review before the sample photos), you'll see some discussion on things like cycle times between photos, flash, battery life, image quality indoors and outdoors, LCD/Viewfinder usability, etc. The Conclusion Section is the "meat" of the review for comparing similar models.

I'd also try out cameras you consider in a store, so you'll know if you'll be comfortable with one.

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Yes I am using 2 2450mAh rechargeble batteries. And still, the Minolta E323 runs on 2 AA also. No problems with this camera. It's not normal that it takes that long to recharge.
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Here is what Steve said about the 5600 cycle times:

The shot to shot delay averaged about 1.6 seconds between frames without the use of the flash and between 9 and 11 seconds with the flash. While the flash is recharging the LCD goes blank, which I found quite aggravating.


This model also appears to use ISO 50 sometimes indoors. The lower ISO speed gives less noise, but also decreases flash range, requiring a longer flash burst for the same conditions compared to a model that increases ISO speed, increasing cycle times.

Setting ISO speed to a higer value would likely help some, too.

Again, as I already mentioned, make sure to read the review conclusion sections for any cameras you consider.

That's what they're there for (and they can help you see how cameras compare to others within the same market niche).

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In my opinion the sony cyber-shot DSC-P200 is very good for you because:

Price less than 300 euro

very small pocket sized

very good picture with 7.2 MP + Carl-zeiss lens

battery last as long as you can finished a 2 gig memory card

almost no w88 for flash

I've used the P150 (almost the same) for 2 years, still like it even after I'd bought a new SLR

click the link bellow (ultra compact) to have more choices :


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IzeStorm wrote:
Uses battery
Now all cameras use some kind batteries, I've never seen one working without one...
Sorry, couldn't resist, I have twisted sense of humour.

Propably all ultra-compacts use own Li-Ion batteries if you're for camera using double-As.

Canon A-serie uses AA batteries...
Then Panasonic LZ2 uses those.
Those both should have excellent battery life. That Panasonic is quite much slimmer than Canon A-serie, 33 vs 49mm.
Panasonic's shot to shot time with flash is 4 seconds while in Canon A620 its 3 seconds. (for older A520 Dpreview states it as 7 seconds)
As plus Panasonic has image stabilization.

Those over 5 second flash recharge times with NiMHs means maker was stingy and saved few cents/pennies in flash circuitry... after all, they don't have to tell slow flash recharge time in ads.

And you want to check prices from here:

Rootkit-virus Sony uses their own proprietary/more expensive memory, not SD
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