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Del_ Mar 7, 2006 7:31 PM

Ok, I'm after a new digital camera. I'm currently travelling around the world and a new digital camera is a must.

What do I need it for?

Landscape shots is very important for me as is a good zoom, a wide angle zoom would be great.

I've been looking at 2 cameras at the moment, the Panasonic FZ30 and the Kodak P880.

The FZ30 has a better zoom and also has image stabilising but the P880 has a wider zoom ( I think)

Can any of you kind folk help me out on which camera could potentially be better for me or are there other options that I haven't though of?

Cheers everyone!

rinniethehun Mar 7, 2006 8:03 PM

One more option, the Fuji S9000/9500. Of the three, the Kodak has the widest lens (24 mm), then the Fuji (28 mm), then the Panasonic (35 mm). If low light pictures are important to you, the Panasonic can only reach ISO 400. The Fuji is ISO 1600 capable. The Kodak boasts ISO 1600, but only at resolution of 0.8 MP.

Some side by side noise comparisons:

Some Fuji owners have complained of quality issues, some of which may have been unfamiliarity with the camera. Others have raved about it. Check out some sample picks taken with each camera, then head on down to your local camera shop and see how they feel in your hand.

Good luck.

the Hun

mtclimber Mar 7, 2006 8:06 PM

The Kodak P-880 and the Nikon 8400have a wonderful wide angle lenses capable of a 24mm focal length. However, in zoom, they only zoom to 5X optical zoom.Neither hasIS.

On the other hand the Panasonic FZ-30 zooms to 12X optical zoom, But has NO true wide angle lens setting.

The only cameras that come anywhere close to your requirement are the Fuji S-9000 (No IS) and the KM A-200 (Has IS). They can zoom from a true (28mm) wide angle position to8X 0pticalzoom on the KM A-200 and to 10X optical zoom on the S-9000.


Del_ Mar 7, 2006 8:10 PM

Cheers dude

I don't think that the Fuji has an image stabiliser which would be a major draw back for me

Del_ Mar 7, 2006 8:48 PM

I've just checked out the Minolta A-200 and it looks like a really goodcamera, I'm going to do some more research into it but it looks ideal for me

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