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I've been researching digital cameras, but really have been unable to choose. I will be using my camera frequently, just carrying it around in my pocket. I am starting to get into photography and want to start out with a mid-range camera to learn more about photography before I go to a better camera. I was wondering if anyone could suggest some cameras for me. I will be taking both indoor and outdoor pictures.

- Min Shutter Speed: 1/2000(or 1/600, but 2000 preferred)
- Compact Size (Pocketable)
- At least 4 Megapixels(5+ Preferred)
- Rechargable Battery
- Adjustable ISO settings
- Above-Average Picture Quality
- Quick shot – to – shot ability
- Optical Zoom
- Video + Sound
- Expandable Memory
(large lcd w/ high fps preferrable)
- Good Macro Mode

I'm not really sure about manual settings, because I don't know much about cameras at this point. I will be using photoshop cs to edit pictures.

Thanks much
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Old Dec 8, 2005, 10:05 PM   #3
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Look like Panasonic FX9 have all you need, and Plus additional feature Image Stabilizer
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Old Dec 9, 2005, 5:49 AM   #4
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You might also want to consider the Fuji F10, which meets all of your listed criteria. It is however, just about devoid of manual settings, and has no optical viewfinder. If that doesn't matter to you, check it out.

the Hun

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Old Dec 9, 2005, 12:46 PM   #5
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That panasonic looks really nice, but it does not have any manual control over exposure settings. If you are just getting into photography, this is an important thing to have as it lets you explore your creativity.

Take a minute to think about what kind of pictures you want to take. Indoor shots of people? Outdoor? Nature scenery? If indoor or low light shots are not of primary concern (it seems like this is the case since you listed fast shutter speeds as a requirement), the Image Stabilization may not be important to you. Like the first response said, I think that the canon a610 or 620 might be a good choice, because of manual controls they offer. They also have a tilt and swivel LCD screen which is very handy once you have it. As for batteries, you could just get a set of AA rechargables. (Canons are really good on batteries anyway).

Good luck making your choice.
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I agree with sbddude: If you're getting into photography, I'd say manual exosure controls are key.

AND you want to fit the camera in your pocket... This leaves few options.

The Casio Z750 is a very nice camera with good image quality and a small size, AND manual exposure controls. Most compact Sonys also have manual exposure controls, but image quality is not so hot. For example, check out the P200 (and its predecessors - the P73, P93, P100, P120 and P150, which are good cameras but are a tad hard to find nowadays since they're over a year old). I can't think of any other compacts that have manual controls.

Just a tad bigger are the Canon A510/A520/A620/A620, which are awesome but not quite pocket-sized. If you're willing to go up to that size, there are other cameras with manual exposure controls, but the Canons are cheaper, have great image quality, and have other advantages over most cameras of similar size.
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Old Dec 10, 2005, 12:32 PM   #7
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Pocket cameras seldom generate more than 1/1000 shutter speed except in very bright sunlight with the minimum aperture or sports mode selected. I don't think any will generate over 1/1000 zoomed because your aperture is usually down nearly 2 f-stops. I wouldn't choose a pocket camera just because it can generate over 1/1000 sec. My Z750 goes to 1/1600, but I don't think it has ever taken a photo above 1/1000. Unless you are freezing bullets in flight, 1/1000 freezes any normal motion. I find the lower end to be more variable, and a long shutter can be handy for night shots.

The Z750 isn't a good choice for macro though. Its closest focus distance is about 4 inches in wide, which gives you a pretty large macro area. As you zoom the macro area you can capture degrades. The macro mode on the camera is a scam. It focuses from 10cm to infinity in normal and from 10cm to infinity in macro. It is just a mode to shuttle through with no use other than for them to be able to say it has a macro mode.

Don't get me wrong, I really like the camera. But I don't do much macro work and have other cameras for that if I need it.

Digital cameras are great photography learning tools, but the Z750 is the smallest camera I know of with good controls and manual everything. I think the poor macro mode would eliminate it for you. The Sony P200 doesn't have the great controls or full manual focus, but it has everything you might need. I think I would actually prefer the P200 zone manual focus on a small camera. It has a good macro mode.

If you could fit a Canon A610 or A620 in your pocket they have it all. Members and reviewers have complained about the manual interface, but they have all the modes and a super macro. They also have a nice articulated LCD which is very handy.

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Old Dec 10, 2005, 11:52 PM   #8
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check out the Fuji 345. Bought my daughter one, and she loves it. Sturdy, 4.1 MP, good low light, and small. And, can be had for around $145.
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