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Originally Posted by shoturtle View Post
The 550 will out perform the GH1 in low light and higher ISO. The T1i already does that also, just in the fact that it is an aps-c vs 4/3....
Are we talking huge differences, and are these only at 'pixel peeping' levels..?

Unless I'm mistaken, the APS-C sensor is marginally bigger at 22x15mm (as opposed to 17.3x13mm) but then there's the higher pixel density on the 550D - 5.4 as opposed to 5 on on GH1. Shouldn't this give the GH1 the advantage both in low light situations and also from a dynamic range point of view?

I do appreciate that the GH1 only has extended 3200 ISO, whilst the 550D benefits from up to 12800, so is it that the Canon has a better engine to process the sensor data....? At ISO 800 (and even 1600), is there really that much between them...?
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above 1600 iso the difference is very clear no pixel peeping needed, below you really need to pixel peep. From 100-800iso from what I have seen there is next to no difference. You will see noise creep in at 1600 iso on the 4/3 and get worst the higher you go. But they have made big strides in reducing the noise lately.

The crop factor of canon's aps-c is 1.6 the 4/3 is 2.0. So it a decent size bigger. Here is a like on the different sensor sizes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/APS-C

The 550 is extended to 12800, same as the 500D. Well if we were taking about jpeg, oly has the best. But I have had no complaints about the jpeg engine in the 500D. Have not shot a panny to tell you either way.
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