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Don't laugh too hard. I know the Nikon CoolPix 3500 is probably considered a low end model but between it and the CoolPix 2500 I had before it I have taken (by luck) some really awesome shots.

I lost the 2500 so I bought the 3500... then I dropped the 3500 and now it doesn't work properly.

Please excuse my misuse of some words and terminology as I know very little about cameras except that they allow me to capture and preservesome of my life's greatest joys!

I want to get a new digital camera that has:
Movie with sound (prefer 30 fps)
Super fast shutter speed as I want to take pics of moving objects such as 4X4's, ATV's, kids on bikes, dogs, elk, deer, rabbitsrunning, etc.
Rechargeable battery - must have
Not too small so as to make it easy to loose, but not too big that it won't fit in coat pocket.
I need to be able to pull it out and take a shot within in fewseconds. I would rather not have to deal with a camera bag and zippers, etc.
Camera needs to be ready to take a pic within a second or two after I turn it on. I prefer not having to wait for it to warm up.
I don't need a massive zoom but if the camera has zoom I prefer some sort of image stabilizer as I won't be carrying a tri-pod.
Camera needs ability to take close up shots with low-average light while not using the flash - or camera needs ability to allow brightness of flash so as not to over power the item I am taking a picture of.
Tough - I would prefer a tough camera as most of what I do with it includes it getting banged around a little.

Here's the kicker: I only want tospend $400 including shipping costs. That budget is based on current cash on hand as well as knowing my camera history so far: 1=lost and 1=dropped and broken. I can't stomach spending big bucks on something that has a good chance of becoming

Almost all of my pics end up on a web site. I compress them as well as crop them down. I do take family shots once in a while that I would love to print on standard 3X5 photo paper.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and suggestions.
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