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I had pretty much decided to get the Sony W50. My parents were going to Best Buy while they were out so I asked him to look at the W50. My mom called and was like do you know how small this camera is? I said, well I know the dimensions.

I guess my question is how small is the W50? I'm a 19 yr old girl with average 19 yr old girl hands I guess.

Also which one(W50 or SD450) do you rec. overall?

Another thing is the guy my dad was talking to at BB said you'll get better quality pictures with Canon's, what is your opinion on this?


BTW, this is my first post
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brittany86 wrote:
Also which one(W50 or SD450) do you rec. overall?

Another thing is the guy my dad was talking to at BB said you'll get better quality pictures with Canon's, what is your opinion on this?

Hey Brittany welcome to the forums,

Well Sony has advantages of:

Higher resolution (6mp vs 5mp)
Generally the more resolution you have the larger you can make your prints, or the more aggressively you can digitally crop your image.

Higher Iso range (80-1000) vs (50-400)
A higher iso tolerance lets the cam shoot at a higher shutter speed in lo light conditions which is the best way to combat blurry photos in dark situations. However just because a cam has a hi iso apability doesnt make the quality of image it spits out at this iso level useable. Hi iso levels results in higher than average noise in your shots.

Faster Top shutter speed (1/2000) vs (1/1500)
A faster top shutter speed enables you to shoot very fast moving objects on brighter days while sustaining a wide aperture. Traditionally with slower shutter speeds, the wide aperture would often overexpose the shot as too much light is enetering the cam. With fastert shutter this can be remiedied further. As the SONY doesnt offer a manual or Aperture priority mode im not sure if this will come into full effect

Slightly higher telephoto lens (114mm) vs (105mm)
Basically the Sony will have a little further stretch when using optical zoom.


Better Wide Angle (35mm) vs (38mm)
Wide angle lets you fit more in your frame when composing and taking shots. A wider angle lens is particularly good for indoors use as you can fit alot in the frame.

Slower Shutter Speed (15sec) vs (1sec)
You can compose cool lo light shots or even time lapse shots over a longer period of time. more for special photos than everyday use.

MANUAL MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Canon has full manual mode and Sony does not. To me this is a huge advantage to the Canon. Manual mode lets you select the Shutter, Aperture and Iso level to compose your shots. If you just want a point and shot camera and you dont really care for messing around on this sort of thing then i gues there is no advantage to it.

One of the most popular formats of cad around. Very cheap to get your hands on and so versatile it aint funny. (I bet somebody out there will find a mem stick cheaper)

On Boths cams
Huge 2.5" Lcd Screen with 115,000 pixel Resolution
Both Use Lithium Ion Batts with Rechargers
Both Weigh 157G

I havent used either of the 2 cams but from the quick bit of info the Sony does sound very promising.

See here for Sony test shots

See here for Canon Test shots


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if you say everything else is equal, I think the Canon would have an edge, since it has more vibrant colors plus uses dirst cheap SD cards.. You can get a lot of pictures and videos on those 2 GB SD cards now going for about $50/2GB.. The memory sticks are still too expensive..
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might want to check shopping.com before buying
you can get measurements at steve's or anywhere else
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