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I just found out about this site and I'm sure I can get good help here. I have reasonable experience with film slrs but know little about digital (I did learn a few things poking around this site.) I am going overseas and don't want to lug my film equipment around and would like an ultracompact (best) or compact. If I love digital I will certainly get an slr down the road. I am looking for:

4x or more zoom (the more the better --I like the perspective for certain shots)

4mp seem to be enough but I would like feedback

anti-shake feature is desireable but not a deal breaker

macro capability would be nice also

any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I have some time before I leave. If there are any great cameras soon to be released I would consider them too.


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Have you checked out Steves best cameras link?


Good starting point...

Your looking for an ultracompact with more than 4x zoom, dont think so, I cant think of any with more than a 3x zoom (though someone may correct me)...

Ive just received an FZ5, which I could put in my pocket, although not comfortably. It is the smallest of the ultrazooms though.

Panasonic are releasing the LZ3 and LZ5, though no reviews on them as yet, but they look quite tasty (http://www.dcresource.com/news/newsitem.php?id=3219)

Just so I dont sound like a salesman for Panasonic, Id also say the Canon A620/610 are very nice compact cameras. (http://www.steves-digicams.com/2005_reviews/a620.html)

I went into local stores and tested some cameras in my hand, Id recommend that too, they are quite helpful when they think your gonna spend some money

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thanks for the tips. a compact would be ok too if it is pocket sized.
What do people think about the panasonic lz2 and the ricoh caplio r3?
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I recommend that you look at t he Panasonic DMC LX1

It is a tad pricey but you can pick it up for around $450 bucks, give or take a few bucks

It meets all of your criteria and has several features ( 8MP, RAW, full manual control) not found on other compact p&s digicams.

Steve has a review on the camera on this site.

Good luck
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Yes, the Panasonic LX-1 is an interesting camera. But, take a look at this review by the very repected http://www.dpreview.com website:


DPReview grudginglyrecommend the LX-1, but take noteof the numerous times their review cites excessive amounts of noise and the caution that the LX-1 has to be used at its lowest ISO settings.

I was interested in the LX-1, but after reading this review, I decided against it and purchased the Fuji E-900 instead, and am very happy with it..

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