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what compact do you have? I'm just starting to get into a hand-me-down dSLR from a friend, but in the meantime I'm curious if the experienced dSLR users have a compact camera that they use "on the side". If so, what compact do you own and would you recommend it?
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I use a little HP742. It's smaller than a pack of cigarettes and fits nicely in a pocket. As with most P&S cameras it's slow but does take very nice pictures.
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I have a Canon S80 "clamshell" which I don't like.

I also have a pocketable Pentax Optio 30 which has somehow managed to hang on as my "keep a camera on me just in case".

It's nice to have a cam that you can slip into your pocket and keep with you.

Also, a nice, light superzoom would be cool for "flying" vacations where I don't feel like taking along the "big rig". You know, one of those DSLR-like cams that weigh under a pound, versus my nearly 3lb (1.5 kilos) DSLR rig.
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Konica Revio KD-510z (a.k.a., Minolta G500)

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Old Nov 3, 2008, 11:39 PM   #5
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Currently I'm using a Fujifilm F40fd "on the side".
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Old Nov 4, 2008, 2:48 AM   #6
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A few of the best for serious photographers:
  1. Canon G10[/*]
  2. Panasonic LX3[/*]
  3. Nikon P6000[/*]
  4. Ricoh GX200
Of that lot I would go for the Panny. Currently shooting with an old Panasonic FX01.

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I also have the panasonic FZ-28 and a Sony H-50.

Sarah Joyce
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