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Originally Posted by shoturtle View Post
Well glad you got the camera that you prefer. That is the most important thing.

With the vivid setting, most dslr users leave them neutral so that they can add that themselves in post production. It comes down to personal preference actually.

Actually the longest prime you can get the the AF 135 f2, and it will not work on the d5000 neither will the AF 105 f2. But if you are getting the sigma 70-200mm 2.8 without OS. Then it does not matter.

Well I am glad you got the one that your heart seem set on. That is the most important thing that you get the one you want, as you will be the one shooting the camera.
I knew about those primes but the f2 doesn't gain me enough to want it as an additional lens, so that's why I left it out...I'd really like to have f1.4 but it's not to be (at least in a lens I'll use for gymnastics).
As for pp, no amount of pp we could do in the store could make my picture look like my sister's...even the employees agreed (though they didn't necessarily dislike my photo). That's when the idea of the Vivid picture mode came up...

I got my new laptop in the mail today, too, so I haven't had a chance to use the Nikon yet
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Every camera is different, that is why I always suggest to bring a sdhc card to the store, as each camera's way of processing images differently, and every ones eye is different. Then take it home and run the photo through the software you use, or view it on you computer to see which is more appealing.

I like the way olympus process the best, then canon, follow by pentax, nikon then sony, but that is my eye. There is not a right or wrong. Every body had different processing work flow, to get photos the way that is most appealing to them. And every program process differently.

When you posted your gull shot next to your sister's. I prefer the way your shot came out, to me it seem sharper to me and that was more important to my eye then the color. But it is not the way it looked to you. There is no right answer when it comes to personal preference.
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I am sure you have done the right thing but like shoturtle I think the canon has the better image.
But we are all different and I wish you many happy hours with your new camera
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