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I want to spend under $1000 and need image stabilization built in. I have MS and just am not as steady holding a camera as I used to be. Yes I can use a tripod but I like not to have to some of the time. The new camera from Panasonic looks nice but out of my range as is the Sony A700. I was thinking about the Sony A100 but recently saw the Pentax K10D made the top 8 from Popular Photography. Any thoughts. . .suggestions.

Thanks for taking the time and trouble, Suzan
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Take a look at the Nikon D40x or their new D60. Great cameras at a good price.
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The selection of dSLRs with sensor shift image stabilization just got bigger.

Pentax justintroduced the K20D and the K200D, and Sony justIntroduced the A200, A300, and A350. The Pentax K20D and the Sony A350 are 14MP cameras, while the others are 10MP. From the preliminary information, I believe that all except the Sony A200 have a 'Live View' electronic viewfinder, and that all but the K20D are within your price range.

If your interests include a particular type of photography (landscape/cityscape, sports/action/wildlife, candid/environmental portraiture, macro/astrophotography, etc.) I suggest you go shopping for lenses that would suit your particular needs, and then shop for the camera.

Otherwise, try out the cameras wherever you can find them, and see how you like the feel of them.
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I agree with TCav, have a look at the new Sony and Pentax models when they get into the shops. There is not enough info available on them as yet to work out which are going to give the best performance, but one of the big things will always be how the camera feels in the hand. TCav mentions lenses, in my opinion this is only going to be an issue if you need to have specific needs like wanting to shoot a lot of sports where lens choice is key. Outside of this then any system is going to be good for you and it is back to what you find comfortable to work with. I personally have large hands so some cameras don't sit too comfortably, however adding a battery grip often helps in this situation.

Happy hunting,

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Just to round out your options, the Olympus E-510 has everything you describe and comes with a 2 lens kit for US $650.00 or so. With the extra money you can get some accessories or an external flash. A friend of mine has one and loves it. I've never used one but Olympus kit lenses are rumored to be superior to the XTi/400D. Just be aware that Olympus doesn't have the lens assortment of Canon or Nikon (although the 4/3 system helps a bit)

Whatever you do, good luck.

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Being a Pentax DSLR user, I'd normally recommend the K10D or the upcoming K20D for the best shake reduction performance in the Pentax line. The K20D is being advertised as offering up to 4 stops of shake reduction, while the K10D offers up to 2 stops.

With your condition, weight may become a factor later on. The K10D and K20D quite heavy (710g and 715g, respectively) compared to the offerings from Sony (690g for the a700, 582g for the a350, 582g for the a300, and 532g for the a200) and Olympus (470g for the E510) - the exception is the Olympus E-3, which weighs 810g. These weights are all without the battery, by the way.

Considering cost, the a700 and K20D are out of your budget. You can get the K10D for $799. You can get the Olympus E-510 for $549. The a100 goes for $649, and the a200 is estimated to go for $899. These prices are for a camera body and kit lens.

Considering these factors, the Olympus E510 might be the best option for you. It's quite affordable and quite light, and offers decent image stabilization.

- Jason
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The Pentax K10 is a very nice camera (I have both the K10 and the K100). As Jason pointed out, though, it is pretty heavy - it has weather sealing which comes in handy if you are taking pictures in the snow or the desert (I do both). It's as heavy a camera as I can manage, partly because my favorite lenses happen to be heavy.

The two cameras in the Pentax line you might want to look at is the K100 (an older camera) and the upcoming K200. The K100 is the lightest of the Pentax cameras with anti-shake and I still use mine quite often. It's "only" a 6 mp sensor, but I don't find that a hindrance at all. It has less noise at ISOs above 800 than the 10 mp K10, and I have no plan to update mine to the new K200.

The K200 might be the most interesting camera for first time dSLR camera buyers - it offers a 10 mp sensor (I assume that it will be the same one that's in the K10) and weather sealing in a smaller, lighter body than the K10. If I didn't already have a K10, this might be really high on my wish list.

The best thing to do is go to a camera store and actually handle the Pentax, Oly, and Sony cameras (they are all different sizes, weight, button layout, and menus). If you are planning on using it for general, all-around photography, then any of the three would have lenses that would work well. That leaves ergonomics as being a very important part of the equation. The best camera in the world can't take a good picture if it is sitting on a shelf because you hate carrying or usingit.
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Others have correctly pointed out that weight is the big consideration with the K10d. My wife has MS, also, and she simply can't handle my K10 because of the weight (albeit, I also have the battery grip on mine, which greatly adds to the weight.)

In the pentax line, the K100 or K200 would seem to be a much better option. The Olympus, however, looks intriguing for that purpose, especially with its two lens kit. The camera itself is light, but so are the lenses. The limiting factor, though, is how much you might want to expand your lens selection later.

Good luck with your selection and be sure to come back to the forums when you get your camera and share your shots.
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Illuminati wrote:
...and the a200 is estimated to go for $899. These prices are for a camera body and kit lens.
Full list price (not even discounted) for the new Sony DSLR-A200 is only $699.99, for a kit that includes an 18-70mm lens. You can order one now (with an estimated delivery date of February 29).

Sony DSLR-A200 kit for $699.99 at sonystyle.com

Ritz/Wolf Camera is also taking preorders for this kit at $699.99:


Once it hits dealer shelves (very soon, since it's already shipping in some regions), you can probably find one for less if you shop some of the discounters.

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ImKayd1 wrote:
I want to spend under $1000 and need image stabilization built in. I have MS and just am not as steady holding a camera as I used to be. Yes I can use a tripod but I like not to have to some of the time.
Hi Susan,

As someone who has Parkinson's, I understand your need for built-in image stabilization. As for the tripod, it's just not practical if you want to take candid shots offriends and family (kids don't sit still) .

Because my right hand shakes most all of the time these days,I chose an Olympus E-510 because of this feature being built into the camera and not the lens. It's light,it's a 10mp camera, has an extensive feature set, and fits well within your budget. The kit lenses are quite good. However, if you want to buy additional lensesin the future, there are currently more than 36 lenses available.

If you haven't already, you might want to read the review the E-510 on this website. Also, as mentioned previously by other members of this forum, stop into your local camera shop and try each of the cameras out and see how they "fit" .

happy hunting!!


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