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Hi all!

I'm an enthusiast photographer who has only ever used 35mm film, & now I'm about to take the leap into digital photography finally - & yes, I'm a little daunted!

My first question is re the quality - am I going to be disappointed??? What I'd like to be able to do is print poster size (say approx 20x30 inch plus)- can this be done when the budget only allows for the Canon 350D or 20D with the 17-85mmIS lens?

The second question is re the comparison b/w the Canon 350D & 20D. I'll probably get the 17-85mm IS lens, so if final image quality & sharpness is the #1 priority, which camera should I buy???

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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from reviews and from images I have seen the 20d seems a much better camera, if you can afford it - get it...

as for printing out to poster size, yes it is possible as posters dont require the 300 dpi of photos

i mentioned it here:

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I'd suggest that you look at one of the cheap pocket sized digicams. Then learn how to use a photo editor.You can then either keep the pocket camera to always have a camera with you or give it to your niece/brother/... for Christmas/birthday/... dSLRs are very good, but they are big enough that you are not likely to always have it with you.

Or have scans made from your chemical camera to learn how to use a photo editor. That is fairly cheap if done at lowish resolutionwhen the film is processed.

By the time you have figured the editorout, the prices of dSLRs will have come down and/or better ones will be available.
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Most commentators believe that the current 6-8Mp DSLRs equal or exceed 35mm film in overall image quality.

Most commentators believe that the current 12-16Mp DSLRs rival 6x4.5 and 6x6 medium format film.

With the proviso that it's still possible to get slightly higher resolution from very fine-grained "pro" film than the above statements suggest. Even so, the overall lack of noise/grain in digital leads to a higher perceived quality from digital.

So if you have been happy with 35mm for poster-sized prints, you will be happy enough with the 20D, and amazed under certain conditions where it will look much better.

There are a million links on the web which attest to the above statements and a handful that still (vehemently) think that film is better.

For a sample of a couple of places to get you started check out:



The image quality of the XT is very similar to the 20D, but the 20D is a slightly nicer camera in every way. I love my 20D but would never own an XT, it just feels to small and "plasticy". Not like a "proper" camera. That of course is a very personal thing, and some people love the fact that it's smaller and lighter.

And now the 30D has just been announced, which is a slightly nicer camera than the 20D in every way, but with identical image quality.

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