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Meryl Arbing wrote:
.... Even now, a camera that does not have built-in IS can benefit just as much from using a tripod....
Disagree. Tripod much better then any IS for quality of pix. Problem sits not only in laziness, but quite so often tripod totally impractical. It is possible to shoot with tripod something like avia-show - you can predict when and where planes will appears, but it is extremal difficult with wildlife. I am not saying that IS must to have - there are always workaround - but it very desirable and helpful feature when shooting hand held with long tele.
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We have a local film reviewer here that I trust to always point me to the best film to see. It is not that he is a particularly good reviewer or that he has any idea what makes a good film and yet I trust his opinion. Over the years I have learned an important rule:

"Anything HE hates, I know I'll love!! Anything He loves..isn't worth the price of admission"

I'm starting to have the same feeling about dcresource, I'm afraid. A negative review by them is almost a guaranteed signal to buy!

Steve's review here did not have any major negative comments about the M410R and the macro shots he posted seemed acceptable.
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i have very negative feelings about that site too... i was contributing but it seems full of fanatics that jump on you if you dont agree with their highly biased viewpoints. there are some very clever and experienced people on there.... i just dont value opinions that are stuffed down my throat.

no offence to panasonic users here.... as i hear they are very good cameras and juding by the amount of users they must be.... but some of the people that use that site are staunch panasonic supporters and eveyone else is wrong for even contemplating another manufacturer. it really spoiled the experience for me and made me feel very unwelcome!

i have to say tho this forum is a total contrast.... very good opinion with very well weighted arguments and evidence, also it seems if your happy they are happy... it far more about the enjoyment of photography than brand slamming!

Apologies for going off topic

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I'm getting a 6490 I know it's last years tech but I never have tried to keep up with that anyway. I used to own a Pentax K1000 fully manual camera, and got great results ( it was GASP! all manual) even when I used a 75-150 zoom stacked on a 2x and 3x lens multipliers. Didn't use a tripod most of the time and still managed to get some great photos. Saddly with 35mm you had to wait to see what you got. The learning curve with those cameras could get very expensive. I'm just a low income Alabama red neck but I believe you can do well with a Kodak brownie box camera if you use it enough. It is Y_O_U that takes great photos not technology. Technology only makes it easier and more comfortable (you no longer have to walk up to get that shot, you can get it from long distance)to use. Imageing software such as PhotoShop makes it a snap to turn that slightly darker photo into a keeper. In summary technology is spoiling so many photographers by it's ease of use. They no longer try to learn how to use thier cameras and think their way around a situation. And when the camera can't do everything but wash the dishes they quit on it or dis it. IT IS THE PHOTOGRAPHER NOT THE CAMERA THAT TAKES THE PICTURE. LISTEN TO WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY BUT ALWAYS TAKE IT WITH A GRAIN OF SALT. Make your choice then learn to use it .There is usually a way out you just need to learn that way.

Dawg's quiet now.
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