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As everyone in this post is staging IS is just going to help you. Its not magic and won't help if you fix a horrible shot. It helps everyone get a slightly steadier shot than they would have been able to without it. So if you are steady enough to take a 6X shot this might help you stretch it to 9X or something like that.

To the guy that talked about needing IS...well its not a need so much as a luxury to have. In bright sunny days outdoors...if you can shoot at really fast shutter speeds it can cancel camera shake...for example if you are at full 12X zoom on a FZ20 and can use a shutter speed of about 1/500 then i think that will negate the need of an IS ...but if you use that zoom and need to shoot at 1/80 then IS will help steady the shot a lot, since camera shake could be a huge issue at that zoom and low shutter speed.

Basically what I am saying is that its all relative...lol. But IS is good to have, I couldn't do without it.

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thebac wrote:
Well, let me go ahead and correct you then :-) 3MP is perfectly adequate for 5x7, and most people can get fine 8x10 from 3MP. Only for more than 8x10 would you need to go beyond 3MP (or unless you crop a lot from the pictures).
LOL. Ok, thanks for correcting.I think I'm going to hold out for the FZ5 instead of the FZ3. My local Circuit City is selling the FZ3 for about $330 and the FZ4 for $499. Last week though CC was selling the FZ5 for $425 but they were out of stock. I'll hold out till it goes on sale again.

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