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A suggestion. Look into DXO optics and start shooting RAW. It cleans up any issues with the 17-85 very well to the point where most people would be completely unable to tell whether you were using a more expensive lens or not.

The lens and camera you have is fine, it's just going to take you a while before you properly adjust to using a DSLR after a P&S. There is a big learning curve.

We see it time after time. A reasonably accomplished P&S photographer gets a DSLR and freaks out when their pictures take a dive. The immediate reaction is to think that there is something wrong with the lens or camera and spending more money will help. But after a while the results do start to get better and not long after that you look back at the pictures you were getting from the P&S and realise you have surpassed them.

There is nothing wrong with the 17-85 for your purposes. You do not need to upgrade the lens at this stage. Give yourself some time. Get yourself a software upgrade from DXO, learn to shoot RAW. Learn more about image processing and photography in general. Start thinking about how you want your pictures to look. You will be fine. :-)

Don't get me wrong. It's fun to buy expensive new cameras and lenses. It's just that from where you are they won't make much of a difference to how good your pictures are.
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Many thanks for the encouragement. I think the 5DII is now well and truly a dead duck. I have decided for the moment to keep on with the 17-85mm and have ordered a 70-200 the f2.8. My piggy-bank has gone into melt-down as a result. When it recovers I may well trade in my 17-85 for a 24-70 f2.8, but that won't be for a long time.

Interested to read about shooting in RAW. I had read quite a lot about that and tried some test shots to do a comparison. To be honest I was a bit pushed to see the difference, but I gather one can do much more with Photoshop Elements than I am doing at the moment. I also had a clever salesman who laughed at the idea. Even so I have retaken your idea on board and once I feel I have really got the camera under control I will start experiementing with Photoshop. :idea:

My problem is lack of time as you may gather from my infrequent responses to kind suggestions.


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