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Hello all. This is my first post and about a comparison bettweentwo entry levelcameras.Ok, I've been researching, reviewing and trying to decide on a entry level digicam with optical zoom. Probably 50% of the cameras use will be for posting pictures for ebay auctions. The rest will be for personal pictures. family photos,etc. Iplan on using a vendor for printing picks (wallmart, online vendor) etc,. I also may print an occational pic myself I already have a photo quality printer that I'm very happy with. The majority will be 4X6 but I would like the capability of quality 8x10's if I ever desire to have one done.

Ilike the fact that the CX7330 has audio in movie capture mode. I doubt I would ever use this. I know it's not a camcorder and I don't expect camcorder quality but it's nice to know it's there if I should desire.

After many reviews and looking at cameras at local retaliers I think I know enough to make a decent decion and have narrowed my choices down to the KodaK CX7330 and the Fuji Finepix A340. I'm wondering if the 3.1 MP for the CX7330 and the 4.0 MP for the A340 will make any difference a qualty 8X10 print. From my research both seem to be more than enough for this task. They both have 3X Optical Zoom so nothing to compare there.

I've seen both of these cameras in person and the CX7330 seems much more straight forward and simple to use...less menu driven. This is a selling point to me because a member of my family will also be using the camera. She is 61, set in her ways and not electronic savvy at all. I like the fact she could rotate a dial to auto and take a pic and that's it. I think even she can handle this haha.

In the reviews and information I've seen the A340 seems to have a slightly better quality image. Some people are saying that the CX7330 has a washedeffect whatever this means? Anway, I'm leaning toward the CX7330 because of simpler use, MP high enough to get the occational 8X10 i MIGHT want someday and more than enough to get the 4X6 prints I normally would want and the sound on the movie mode is a nice touch the a340 has no audio in movie mode. Also the CX7330 is a few dollars cheaper, not enough to be of any influence though.

Anway, if anyone has any experience with eather of these cameras I would appreciate the imput.
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Kodak has a reputation of making easy to use cameras, so it might be a good choice in that matter. I am not sure how the picture quality compares, but I'd say that if 50% of the pictures will be for Internet auctions, then that doesn't leave you much room for other pictures, specially not for 8x10 prints. There will be a difference between 3 and 4mp prints at 8x10, but I doubt it would be noticeable when seen 3' away. Even 8" close, I believe one would have to be looking for the differences. With that being said, 8x10 won't yield photo quality pictures like 4x6 and 5x7 would, but the results would still be VERY good.
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