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kriptone Oct 16, 2006 5:47 AM

Greetings one and all

Not sure if you will be interested but

seem pretty good for decent prices for digital cameras, eg Black Panasonic FZ50 (the new one) at GBP344 which is at least GBP50 cheaper than I have seen it elsewhere!

Trust this meets with approval



JimC Oct 16, 2006 7:34 AM

kriptone wrote:

Trust this meets with approval
Not really. :-) There are a lot of scam artists around with good prices. Usually, if a price looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Have you personally ordered from this vendor?

From looking through their web site, it appears that they're located in Japan, shipping cameras intended for sale in Japan.

So, that means you'd be buying gray market gear (gear not intended for sale in the country you live in), and some manufacturers will refuse to service gray market gear, even if you're willing to pay them for the service.

Nikon has this policy, since each regional office is setup as it's own profit center (Nikon USA, Nikon Europe, Nikon Canada, etc.). For example, If I buy a Nikon camera that bypasses Nikon USA, Nikon USA will refuse to service it, even if I'm willing to pay them, in order to discourage the practice of gray market imports.

Some of the other manufacturers have similar policies.

You'd also be liable for any import duties and taxes on gear being shipped from overseas (if the vendor actually ships the products you pay for).

Suggested Reading:

How to Buy a Digital Camera without being Robbed

kriptone Oct 16, 2006 8:25 AM

Hi JimC

I must admit to not having even considered the possibility of grey imports! I just saw the prices and jumped in at the deep end with regard to letting people know about them.

I have not ordered a camera from this or any other online vendor as yet. I thank you for your warning and will read the suggested article with interest. I did post the information on a forum I started some months back "Who needs a DSLR when the FZ30 is this good?" and have taken the liberty of posting the reply you gave me in it, I hope you don't mind too much - I did mention your name in it.



JimC Oct 16, 2006 8:44 AM

It's pretty obvious that they're selling gray market gear. They also ask you to send the cameras back to them for service (the warranty is through them, not the manufacturer). Personally, I've seen too many horror stories about store warranties (cameras being kept for 6 months without being fixed, etc.) to take that kind of risk.


Warranty We provide 1 Year Warranty for all cameras and Panasonic SD cards. If your product needs to be fixed within 1 year of purchasing, please send it to our company in Japan. Note that postage for sending to Japan is at your expense while we will pay for it when returning to you.

As for how good their service is, I don't know of anyone that's used them. I wouldn't trust a store warranty, since you don't even know if they can get the parts. I also make sure I buy from a dealer that has *LOTS* Of good customer reviews on sites like (since vendors have been known to pad their own ratings).

My advise is to stick with a authorized dealer that is known to be reputable, and buy products that are intended for sale in the country you live in.

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