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Hello all,

I have been in the market for a new digital camera for a while... currently using a Kodak C613 and finding it unacceptable for indoor pictures and performance.

So this is what I have considered the Canon 880 and the Panasonic TZ5... The Canon is $70 cheaper and Zoom beyond 4x is not really important to me. I am more concerned about image quality so am leaning towards the Canon.

I also do a little bit of traveling and wide angle is something that I would like as I enjoy taking some wide angle pictures.

Anyway, any thoughts between the two? Any others that I should consider? I was interest in the G10 but this adds close to $200 and am not looking for manual controls... or would the picture quality be so much better with the G10 that I should be strongly considering it?

Looked at the SX10 and is too large... So relatively compact is important.
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I should add... I also have looked at the Sony H-50. Not a Sony guy and not quite as wide angle a lense (31mm) but seems to be close as well to what I might be looking at.
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I don't think any of your choices would be that great in a low light/high ISO situation. To get an idea of what I mean, go here to get a side by side comparison of all of the cameras on your list:


Where you get to the link, plug in a camera, than scroll down to Still-life 400...enlarge the thumbnail..*****oll down to the Crayola box...then over to the color swatch...then over to the coffee cup with the brush sticking out of it...do the same for all of the cameras. Compare them all to the Fuji F100fd. Which camera performs the best? Now do it again at ISO 800...be carefull you don't throw up on your keyboard...

the Hun

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I agree with the Hun.. a Fujifilm F100fd would be an excellent choice for low light/high ISO situations. Its 28-140mm zoom range is pretty useful as well. My next suggestion for you would be a Panasonic LX3 (I personally own this camera and absolutely love it). It has an even faster lens than the Fuji, which means you can keep ISO levels down. The downside is the zoom range is only 24-60mm. But that 24mm is very, very useful if you want to shoot wide. The LX3 is close to the price of the Canon G10, however.

Check out the photo samples for both of these cameras at imaging-resource.com

And check out these comparison reviews, the first featuring he Fuji against its direct competitors:


And the second comparing the Panasonic against its direct competitors (including the G10):


And check out Steve's reviews of these cameras on this very Web site.
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I agree that the Fuji F100fd and Panny LX3 are tops for low light. But are your interiors so dark that they reallyneed this? Some other interesting wide angle choices are the Nikon S610 and Sony W170. Figure out what feature set is important to you. That should narrow the field. Then have a play with the controls in the store. If you're still worried about your choice, buy from a store that makes returns easy.

Kelly Cook
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