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Excluding the Canon 1d Mark II, can anyone tell me if these are good values on Canon dslr's, and if there is a reason to pick one over the other? ie: the 20D vs. the Rebel 350 XT? I am still struggling with what camera to buy, dslr or prosumer, but I think right now the scale leans toward the dslr. I've read about the canons, nikons, and the minoltas, and they all have their pluses but none seem to stand out as the clear choice. I thought I was sold on the Fuji S9500/9000, but I found too much controvercy over image quality and noise.

I will take pictures of family (candid and portrait) and outdoor nature and wildlife and scenery shoots. Zoom is important, wide angle somewhat. just want good quality pic's whatever I shoot. Want to be able to print 5x7 and 8x10 but from crops. I don't mind using flash when needed but I would like that to be a choice rather than a requirement most of the time.I can afford to start out spending $1000.00usd to $2000.00usd, but I want some thing that will serve me for some time to come, not be out dated next year or so. I wondered if I should just wait for the Nikon D200, if anyone has an idea about that.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Many Thanks,


Canon EOS-1D
Mark II 8.2MP
Digital SLR 2.0" LCD
Camera Body Only
Battery & Charger

class="t11 b"$3,799.99

Canon 20D 8.2MP DSLR
18-55mm EF-S
& 70-300mm IS
iP6220D Printer
Up To $390 in Rebates

class="t11 b"$2,089.99

Canon 20D 8.2MP SLR
18-55mm EF-S
75-300mm III
IP6220D Printer
Up To $360 in Rebates

class="t11 b"$1,699.99

Canon 20D 8.2MP DSLR
18-55mm EF-S Lens
Battery & Charger
$100 Mail-in Rebate

class="t11 b"$1,389.99

Canon EOS Rebel XT 8.0MP Digital SLR
18-55mm & 75-300mm IP6220D Printer
Up To $285 in Rebates

class="t11 b"$1,184.99

Canon EOS 8.0MP
Rebel XT Digital SLR
EF-S 18-55mm Lens
$75 Mail-in Rebate

class="t11 b"$899.99

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