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I apologize as this may be a little lengthy, but I would love a few comments. I currently own a Nikon N70 (35mm) with a Tamron 28mm-80mm lens (no other components such as external flash or other lenses) and a Canon A80. I would like to remain in the digital world, but would like to upgrade from my A80.

My goal is to increase my picture quality (meaning sharpness, color rendition etc.) I want the ability to attach an external flash via a hot shoe, and more zoom power. My main subjects are my kids and family, vacation shots (landscape), and occasional wildlife such as birds, but not too often.

Should I go to maybe the new D50 that will be coming out shortly, or something like the KM A200? I really don't feel I need the 8mp, but I love the manual zoom control and tele. What's everyone's opinion on the cost to benefit of going with the DSLR? I have been over-researching this for some time now and just want to come to a decision. What about the Panasonic FZ20?

Thanks in advance!!:G

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It's really apples and oranges. A DSLR will be a lot more similar in performance to your film camera. The A200 appears to be a very good camera but it will have more noise at higher speeds tha a DSLR and the response is slower. Although it looks as though it has through the lens viewing what it has is an LCD in the viewfinder so again a delay in what you see and what you shoot.

So highest quality and speed of response goes to the DSLR. Also you get a wide range of lenses to choose from.

Cost and convienience go to the A200. The 28-200 lens covers a good range so do you need more.

I have a DSLR and a small compact digicam. I'm more likely to have the compact digicam with me as it's small and light. When I want the quality and take my big bulky DSLR.
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Thanks Nagasaki, I know you can't really compare...just one of those things I will have to decide on. I agree with the bulkiness...I used to hate lugging around my N70 on family outings and the like.

Thanks for you input!
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If your in the market for a digital SLR why don't you have a look at some of the links that compares diffrerent SLR. Its at a site called www.infodigitalcamera.com

They also have an article about moving up to a digital SLR camera.


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